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  1. From what I've seen, temperature changes really slowly for the items in the compactor, but the compactor can change the temp of the water fairly quickly if it has hot stuff like just made plastic in it.
  2. I guess that's new, people used to use that cheat. My system doesn't rely on any cheat, it automates the 15 visits usage, and morb spawn, trapping, and delivery to slime farm. Only needs manual trap rearm and system reset when it's done, and an alarm warns you when it needs it.
  3. yes you have dupes use a outhouse 15 times and then make sure they can't clean it (low priority, locked door, door access...) Outhouses don't spawn 3 morbs anymore, only 1 at a time. Once it has spawned one, you can save and reload the scene and it should spawn another one after a while. Or if you don't want to use that cheat, just have dupes reuse it 15 times and repeat. When automation update came out, I did this little crazy contraption: The video is a bit long a redundant, you can just watch the beginning and end.
  4. awesome thanks, I assumed that the vent would be overpressure there. I guess the tile does some magic.
  5. Can you elaborate a bit. Water has nowhere to go and just converts to polluted water? I thought those two never mixed.
  6. No, it has to be after. Otherwise they can't put the suit on cause they can't cross the checkpoint without a suit. But since checkpoint can be for left or right direction, "after" means left or right of the docks depending on you situation.
  7. Early game it can be useful thought, has I explained in this bug. But I agree that they seem to use it too much, even when latrines are available. They seem to go to the closest toilet available.
  8. Wow big debate! What's for sure is there is inconsistencies between sensors and valves requiring dupe interaction. I think it would create less confusion if all of them followed the same rule. Like why in hell do we need dupe interaction for valves, but not for atmo or hydro sensors. Personally I find that either all should need dupe interaction, or all shouldn't, but not somewhere grey in between like it is right now. It would avoid player confusion and weird debates like this thread.
  9. I would be using a boiler similar to this, where sand comes from ph2o directly, so sand tiles will definitely form anywhere above the metal tiles. I just need to put the vent higher, put a door on top of the metal tiles and put the build order above it.
  10. Yeah but sand tiles could still form under the bed, so Saturnus's solution is more complete. thanks for the tricks guys, I was overthinking it, assuming that I would need a vertical stack of build orders to cover the whole area under the ph2o vent, but I forgot that when sand tiles are dug, any sand tiles above them will fall downwards. So I just need room on the side for dupes to be able to reach the lowest tiles where the build order is.
  11. Slime Harvesting

    Exosuits can be built pretty early in the game now that we have the rock granulator. You just need one or two to get you started and avoid slimelung. EDIT: lol yes, I always forget that exosuits need timble reed.
  12. 99% Exosuit Usage?

    If they sleep in their suits, when do they refill their suits?
  13. I'm not sure I fully get that solution. You just wait till your boiler fills with sand and then place a build order in the middle of the sand tiles where you know there won't be a floor after the sand is dug out, is that it? I guess you would need to build your boiler in a special way for this, when mine fills with sand tiles, in can cover a large area and end up covering the liquid vents. Not sure it will let me place a build order over the sand tiles that cover the vents, maybe? And I would need to place build orders over the whole area that can be covered by sand, which is my case seemed a bit random. You guys have a working example of this?
  14. Thanks for making a thread for this. I don't think Kabrute said he actually had a solution already, I think he was just thinking out loud. (unless I missed a post somewhere). For now I keep using Rock granulator for sand production, but I really hope we find a reliable dirt-->sand solution.