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  1. Well, not sure if you guys fixed this deliberately or while fixing something else, but thanks, it seems fixed now!
  2. And just noticed that it also puts coal in my shroom farm tiles, lol!!!
  3. I was wondering why polluted oxygen was being emitted by my coal generator. Thinking it was a glitch I deleted and rebuilt the coal generator. It fixed it but it eventually started again. I finally noticed that when selecting the coal generator it shows slime in its content along with coal. I guess thats because I use the same sweeper for shrooms and coal generator, some leftover slime gets its way in the generator... occupational_mini_base.sav
  4. wow, thanks, didn't realise that sweepers relied on priorities. Newby with the update.
  5. I just started testing the new preview and noticed that auto-sweeper does not sweep from conveyor receptacles anymore. Not sure if its intended or not, but I saw a bunch of youtubers showcasing that so I wanted to try it, but no luck. occupational_mini_base.sav
  6. Guys, this is still not fixed and it's extremely annoying. Can't you repro it?
  7. If you guys can't repro this, my granulator has a presure plate under it to be able to deactivate it when enough sand has been produced. Maybe that's what's causing the bug. Or it's just there all the time and not so many people have noticed I guess...
  8. It's still doing the problem after all the updates since I reported it.
  9. Didn't keep any of mine, but this is a scene from NanoD on the forums that does it: NanoD_CrudeOil_to_NatGas.sav
  10. Yes, same problem here. Many many types of objects will crash the game as soon as you select them from the construction menus.
  11. I think you guys broke something, all sensors seems to be broken when you reload a save. I've seen it with my saves and saves from other people, so it seems like a generalized problem. The only workaround I found is to change the sensor from above to below, and back to what it was. What I mean by broken, is that they don't turn on when they should, they just stay inactive forever.
  12. It happened again with ashkan in the same scene just a few cycles later. auto_outhouse_morbsSpawnwer.sav
  13. I've had this issue a couple of time with my automatic outhouse morb spawner system. I control the open and lock state of doors and checkpoints of the toilet with a state machine. When I open the right door of the toilet, the checkpoint on its right prevents dupes from entering, but dupes will sometimes go wait there for it to turn green. when the dupe using the toilet leaves, I automatically close the right door before that checkpoint. The dupe that was waiting there will get stuck there forever, won't even go to sleep. You have to reload the scene for him to become normal again. auto_outhouse_morbsSpawnwer.sav
  14. sometimes morbs escape when a dupe is carrying it from a trap to a relocator. In the attached scene, the problem just happened. The morb wandering at the bottom of the base near the mushrooms was trapped in a creature trap in the outhouse above it. A dupe went to relocate it, but the morb escaped while he was carrying it. auto_outhouse_morbsSpawnwer.sav
  15. pressure plates often get stuck. One way they get stuck is if a morb passes on them and then gets trapped in a creature trap. The pressure plate will get stuck forever until you reload the scene or destroy it and create a new one. The attached scene is in the state right after the morb has been caught, and the plate was stuck when I saved, but if you load it, it won't be stuck anymore. I also noticed in debug mode that they can get stuck if you destruct objects and ore falls on them, and then you clean floor. Seems like plate don't check the current state properly or something gets stuck in the code. auto_outhouse_morbsSpawnwer.sav