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Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

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Sorry for breaking your animetastic conversation, but look, I found out how to easily make [INTENSIFIES GIFS]:
It taken a lot of time, but only because I didn't realise that Windows 7 photo "shower" doesnt animate gifs no more, lel.

1. Use some gif making software or webpage (example) to make "raw" gif (only pictures). Set very small delay, like 15 ms.
2. Go here and add text. The final gif will be slowed down, but don't worry, after it's done you can speed it up eventually, I choosed "300% speed.

It may be funny to make guide for something easy like this, but here you go ;_;

Someone wanted to do "LORE INTENSIFIES", now it's possible. I'm to lazy, this Charlie gif tired me out, because damn Windows 7 give me XP back. Gifat was a cool tool, can't find any download, the latests links are from 2009 and don't work ;__;'

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Just now, GiddyGuy said:

I feel like this is gonna be a very favorite meme among the devs/mods. :^)

Good news/bad news...

  • Good News - a lot of people like Don't Starve (Together) and it's getting popular!
  • Bad News - people getting sad about them not being able to play because of the server crash :T (speculative crash... IDK if that's really it O__O)
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