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  1. by storing the Task, you can reference it and cancel it --this checks if the boost exists, and if it does, it cancels it if drinker.speed_boost ~= nil then drinker.speed_boost:Cancel() drinker.speed_boost = nil end drinker.speed_boost = drinker:DoTaskInTime(5, function() drinker.speed_boost = nil drinker.components.sanity:SetPercent(.30, 1) end) Obviously the name 'speed_boost' can be changed to anything else, ideally something that will most likely not conflict with any other variables on the player
  2. Trigger when Crafted/First Loaded

    In your prefab's main function inst.OnBuiltFn = onbuilt and then put whatever you want to perform in that function local function onbuilt(inst, builder) --do more stuff end
  3. Hello, about 4 years ago you were trying to find a way to pull the moonphase from the world in DST games.
    which I have found to be simply "TheWorld.state.moonphase"

    However, I am currently trying to do the same in DS game mod, but of course the code isn't the same. I tried GetClock():GetMoonPhase() and crashed with an error attempting to index a nil value.

    Do you have any insight?


  4. From what I understood, Clay Warg can spawn the same as normal warg, but only if a Warg Shrine was activated
  5. I'll give an example of what I'm trying to achieve; There is a weapon that is held differently than normal weapons, so ARM_carry isn't really cutting it. So I tried to create ARM_special, so when this weapon is equipped, I would use Animstate:Show("arm_special") instead of Animstate:Show("arm_carry").
  6. Is it? I tried using this template and changing ARM_carry to something else and I couldn't seem to manage to get it to work.(tested with ThePlayer.AnimState:Show()) Just to be clear, I am trying to add a new "limb state" for all characters. Would I need to make a copy of ARM_carry and modify it, or can i just change ARM_carry since its already in the in game wilson animations? Wouldn't I need to alter the default animations that would use this new "limb state", such as idle and what not?
  7. How does 1 go about adding a different state for a limb? such as ARM_normal or HEAD_hat to be used with :Show()/:Hide()?
  8. Sorry I had a busy day both yesterday and today, I updated them now.
  9. if you mean the christmas or pirate bird cages, they can be found on the wiki, along with the rest of the skins
  10. possible idea, but I think the code would be available for way less time, like 15-60 minutes. Another way which i'm not sure if its possible, is they make a temporary server that you attempt to connect to but you don't actually join it, it just takes note of the poeple that tried to join it, and klei would track those users, and gift the people who did
  11. I don't think we even have any skins for body slot items as of yet, anything worn on the body overwrites you're default clothes, other than backpacks of course
  12. ye his/her questions are weird, its like skins never existed before lol. clothing skins replace clothes, and hat skins replace hats, simple as.
  13. according to the list of new skins posted by someone, I believe its going to be a yule coat, yule dress as well as, a jingly top hat and a plum pudding winter hat. Oh and a gingerbread chest
  14. I don't think it can actually be burnt, but for some reason there are assets for burnt version