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  1. That's a clean burning fire pit, I tell you hwhat! (I'm not proud of how much time I spent making this)
  2. The Don't Starve book club's first official meeting
  3. Fair enough, but let's not forget that the founding fathers of America owned slaves and that Martin Luther King Jr. cheated on his wife. That doesn't necessarily detract from what they did. They were all flawed people, but they were still really good at what they did. Sometimes you have to look past a person's flaws and judge them by their merits instead.
  4. Well considering the genre is named after him, I kind of doubt that. Your dismissal of Lovecraft as an "old racist coot" kind of undermines the significance of his work. His stories completely influenced the horror genre as we know it today. Themes of forbidden knowledge, the fragility of human sanity, and mankind's utter helplessness are all result's of H.P. Lovecraft. Don't Starve alone is filled with Lovecraftian influences. Sanity, ancient extradimensional beings, ancient books of forbidden knowledge. Kevin himself has even said that Lovecraft is a major inspiration to the game. You can't possibly say that Lovecraft was just some old coot. You don't have to like him as a person, but you should definitely respect him as an author.
  5. No. Cthulhu doesn't work well in video games. He is meant to be kept vague and mysterious. That's why things like him only really work in writing. Besides, Klei isn't the kind of company to rely on the work of others. They'd be better off creating their own eldritch abomination. I for one still want to know what else lies below those giant cave tentacles.
  6. Eh, don't count your chickens before they hatch. Is it likely that either of these characters will be added? No. But on the other hand, neither was multiplayer.
  7. This can't be the end. It can't be! The Codex Umbra and a Charlie's Flower. What could it mean?
  8. So here are all the flowers that might resemble the one from the video. Regular in-game flowers: Abigail's Flower: Maxwell's Flower: Charlie's Flower: Abigail's Flower doesn't really look like the one from the video at all. The only regular flower that shares some resemblance is the bottom-left one, but its colors are not the same. We don't really ever get a close-up look at Maxwell's flower, so it's possible that it's his. But once again, we don't really know for sure. Charlie's flower definitely resembles the flower from the video the most. Also, I found this in my searches:
  9. Well if it's not Charlie's rose, it's probably the one on Maxwell's tux. Or it could be Wendy or Abagail's. Or maybe it's just a regular flower from the game.
  10. Day 1. Attacked spider den. Died. Respawn. Don't attack spider den this time. Make camp near spider dens. Dusk. Spiders emerge. Die.
  11. My fighting style usually depends on what I'm fighting. Either way, I usually try to kite but end up getting hit a lot and relying on armor anyway. I don't use any mods (unless hidden fragment counts).
  12. QR codes for all!
  13. I made some miis(avatars for Nintendo systems) based off of the characters from Don't Starve. Wilson: Willow: Wendy: Wolfgang: WX-78: Wickerbottom: Wes: Woody: Maxwell: Wigfrid: Webber: I also have QR codes if anybody wants them.