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  1. Seriously Klei tragic pitchfork skins when!?
  2. By the way, has anyone got the Winter Hat skins? If you have, I would like screenshots from behind, front, both sides, ground, when riding a beefalo... actually forget it you'll never get it right. Just send me the codes and I'll do it myself
  3. Surely Wes would be a much better vampire. I mean he already sucks, just give him a cape and he's good to go.
  4. You seem to really hate the letter 'M' for someone whose username starts with it...
  5. I know this is probably a silly question, but could we have the sculptures bounce less when you drop them? It is rather difficult to play chess this way.
  6. Will the chests rot if you leave them on the floor for too long?
  7. To all the people complaining they won't be able to get every single skin ever for free: just read the fine print next time, OK? OK.
  8. The shadow Abigail would probably be somewhat difficult to implement, but as far as ideas go I think it's just brilliant! Great drawings man.
  9. Yeah the flower could have skins and then you would get a different Abigail depending on what flower you summoned her from.
  10. @t0panka But what does he look like in his wimpy form? I need to know, maaan
  11. Then they should pick Survival. If you want a challenge, pick the challenging mode. If you want to have a more laid back game, pick the laid back mode. The biggest thing here is that we shouldn't try to make everyone play the game the same way, there should be options for people to choose from, AKA game modes.
  12. I agree with fellow Skull Knight here, Telltale Heart is probably the bigger issue. So how about if we keep the changes to Touchstones but also do away with the whole Telltale Heart thing altogether? I mean you'd get the 2 free revives like you do in DS (great for newbies dying to silly stuff), and after that just use what you were supposed to be using in the first place, effigies and amulets. Also, would it make sense if the Touchstones needed to be activated beforehand like in the base game? I mean people seem to agree that revival was pretty balanced in single player, would it be so bad if we tried to keep it as close to that as possible?
  13. @t0panka If you check last week stream you'll notice that the cave Chester is being worked on by a completely different guy who has nothing to do with the features you speak of, so it doesn't really slow down the development of those features and having it come out first only means that it was easier/faster to complete.