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  1. yea i can hear it too, but yea, seems to just be a bug i still have the junior member title XD it didnt change after i hit 100 posts
  2. a thread for dev memes

    i had to
  3. please dont spam. use PMs
  4. you can actually see them with just the 1st one
  5. oh shoot, it's the one i mentioned earlier. "Your presence has been noticed."
  6. there was some function in the files mentioning it. i dont know what it meant though
  7. no no, i meant the big numbers in the source (sorry, wasnt clear enough)
  8. im aware of this, that's why im not sure what the numbers mean
  9. about the numbers... i checked them in the source and apparently the numbers are different than the notches on them..? like in the source they appear like: [ 99 , 82 , 89 , 67 , 78 , 66 , 91 , 94 , 74 , 84 , 96 , 81 , 72 ,] (different order than the pic) and they move around everytime i refresh the source of the page im not sure if the numbers represent the tiles or its just naming
  10. i guess you need to put something inside, but i dont know what yet
  11. hey im looking at the update that happened earlier and they added this chest right? and we thought its just a skin, but i found strings in characters speech files about it, and it seems it may have another function for example, here's wendy's: ANNOUNCE_SACREDCHEST_YES = "It accepted our items.", ANNOUNCE_SACREDCHEST_NO = "We failed... again...", so we need to put some items in it? and it may accept them or not is that part of the puzzle..? also this REPORT_RESULT_ANNOUCEMENT = "blank", changed to this REPORT_RESULT_ANNOUCEMENT = "Your presence has been noticed.", its a bit weird..
  12. @Kisabird @BrightDay could you contact trough PMs?
  13. i think this is not the final puzzle and we'll have to do more, that's why nothing happens. we just need to wait like with cyclum
  14. guys please use PMs. or if you dont have a partner just go here the topic gained 60+ pages already bc of the spam, and its just a mess
  15. how did you finish the puzzle?