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  1. it sure was! to be honest the second one was completely spontaneous, but i'm glad it fits!
  2. Hello again! It's been a long time, but I have some "new" art to share (quotes because it's from October and I've already shared it on twitter, but completely forgot to post it here). Both drawn for Inktober 2020 for prompts "bread" and "carpet" respectively. When will I draw more? Who knows.
  3. how to quote a post from another thread?
  4. i totally forgot about forums im sorry ;_; thank you so much for the kind words though, i wasnt sure if anyone will like it
  5. geez I've been gone for a long time again;; ive been focusing on college mostly so i didnt have much time to draw buuuut i did draw this piece as a secret santa gift so i thought i may put it here as well gaaaaaaah im not very happy with how it turned out. i see a lot of things i could have done differently. oh well ill try to upload something again soon
  6. the glommer pack is so cute,,, "shaped like a friend" omg i'd like to see the crabbit one though
  7. nah, im not quitting da. i just made that artblog so i can post some of my better art there, to get more exposure since i didnt get that from da. but, well, as for now its not working either. well. alright. hope you're prepared for this,,
  8. you're all so nice ;-; i don't know what to say. yes i do post my art on deviantart, its the first place i actually started, buuut... it's a trash can right now. i made an art blog lately though. im gonna post my best art there; and thank you for the kind words ;-; it means a lot
  9. yeah, I post my art online since mid 2009 and i get like 1-2 comments per drawing. if i get any at all i mean oHGOD i would never do that to her, dont worry
  10. omg such a long comment!! thank you!! i dont get much of those these days. i overdid a bit that sketch of wendy, and there are both hair and abigail.. tendrils laughs. darker lines are hair, and those lighter, flowing lines are abigail. i'm glad you like my artstyle ;v; i like the simplicity of ds style, but it's hard to get the proportions right, so i just experiment to be honest, i dont like anthro much myself. my friend inspired me to make wictoria, and she is technically a werewolf/werehound, but i wanted to keep her simple so its easy and quick to draw her. and yeah she just looks like generic anthro thank you for kind words!