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  1. Could be true, even the subreddit get twice more subscriptions/pageviews with the release of DST :
  2. Gears only repair 12.5% of a Iron Wind or half a day worth. With the Floaty Boat Knight nerf it is just too small, you need 2 Gears per day and up to 100+ Gears if you use it all year long. Iron Wind is supposed to be an end-game sail but there is no point of using it if you sink more time in upkeep that it saves. Please increase the repair to at least 25%, probably even 50% to make it viable. Thank you!
  3. Am I a dev now? Where should I send my resume? Awesome changes, still hope for a boost to Warly's recipes and that Yaactopus accept Mussel Bouillabaisse!
  4. Hello, with the help of reddit I gathered a good deal of bugs most likely related to the SW integration. Sorry if some of them have already been reported or fixed. Beefalo sometimes spawn with no face From time to time you get a Hound Attack when you relog without taking into account when the previous one occured Old Bell Blueprint and even Glommer Statue not here No recipes for Luxury Fan, Belt Of Hunger, and a few other items Telelocator Staff may crash your game Killing Doydoy in RoG crash the game World hopping in SW reset RoG Caves World Hopping in SW do not reset Volcano Picking Cactuses in Summer crash the game Slurpers despawn when they latch onto a player, but the light remains Game crashes randomly when inside the Volcano Elephant Cacti once fertilized by the Dry Season, will never lose their fertilized state (Can never dig it afterwards) A lot of SW setpieces and elements bleed over into RoG (also the other way too), and this is especially true when changing world settings Koalefants do not run from players Default Berry Bushes don't show up in the map. Fancy Berry Bushes still show up on the map Packim Baggims will cause a crash if you go off the edge of the world with him Sometimes when examining items in SW and ROG Wilbur and Wes will talk despite normally not being able to talk (Wes has been saying "I can't do that" for long time though) If you have an item with 0% Durability in your inventory (I think there is an exploit to do that) and you drop it on the ground the game crash Webbers crafting recipe for the spider den is missing Dying in and reviving outside the volcano can make your world a glitchy mess Hunger Belt and Hibearnation Vest have no effect on hunger Can't build Limestone Suit without standing next to an Alchemy Engine, even though it is prototyped Merms in a merged Reign of Giants world are dropping 1 Fish Morsel rather than 1 Fish and 1 Frog Legs Sometimes unable to hack a fully bloated whale (the whale will explode shortly after) Digging up a Poison Birchnut Tree stump does not yield a Living Log but a regular Log instead, may only happen if you unload the area. In RoG during winter, birds are still dropping seeds, and the are no snowbirds (red birds still spawning in grassland biomes), and butterflies are also still spawning on flowers. Good luck Capy & Klei
  5. That was not really my point here. I was just comparing with PvP competitive game where a subtle change can completely mess the balance. Not saying that Klei should focus on PvP for DST. You are right that they listen to all players and that's really one of their strong point, this is also why they get such passionate answers from their player base and, maybe that was not your intention, your first post makes it sounds like you think some player opinions have little value (admittedly your use of the word "Entitlement" has a lot to do with me feeling that). What was awesome with Don't Starve is that they made their game and keep updating it while keeping their first objective in mind, making an uncompromising wilderness survival game full of science and magic. They did it even knowing that it will not be a game that would click for everyone, I even had a Dev told me a year ago that "yes Don't Starve is not for everyone" or something like that. This is completely opposite to what a lot of video game company does (particularly with AAA game). They find a concept that most people will like and build around that. I feel that with DST, Klei is starting to do the same and instead of sticking on what makes DS unique (survival game, again) they try to please most people even if DST lose its identity as a survival. So you are right, it is moving away from what I think it should be. Klei vision of DS was something rare and I am sad they are deciding to get away from it with DST as I would have liked to see a multiplayer game following that. No I do not have to "accept that the changes are popular", I will still express my opinion that Klei should stick to what have done their success instead of becoming an other random video game company ready to throw away their games uniqueness if it means getting 10 more players. Thankfully this is only for DST and SW seems to stick on that principle.
  6. I have trouble making sense in those two. A game never belongs to its community it is the opposite. Now it is up to the game developper to listen to the community or not, whatever they chose there is always a risk to lose people from the community. You say that " we are the worst people to steer the games direction because of how long we've played ", yes maybe but it does not mean that what old players say should be completely ignored as they often have a better insight than the new players and sometimes even than the developpers themselves (just look at some PvP competitive game where Devs had completely messed up the balance because they did not listen to their pro players) The big problem here is just not making the game easier but completely destroying its identity. Don't Starve is a Survival Game, that's its core and those changes go against its core. What Survival Game means? It is a game when you have to survive . Yes I know I am a genius. Well the basic of surviving is that you absolutely do not want to die. To oppose that look at games like RPG where you can rez with a spell or a handful of Gold or FPS where you will get back into the battle after a few seconds. In a Survival, Death should have a higher price than that, perma-death is often chosen as an answer. For a multiplayer it can be a bit harsh so generally it is replace by just losing part of your progression. Now I liked what they did with DST, when you die you lose a % of your health (that you can eventually recover) and you will also heavily drain the Sanity of other players. So there is a non-negligible price to pay for both you and your mates so that you really want to avoid death. But what with those change? Now you have 2 "free death", a sanity drain much less significant and it becomes ridiculously easy to restore lost health. Where is the incentive to avoid death when you can recover that easily? If Klei does not want for DST to stay a survival game I am fine with it, with their talent I am sure they could make an awesome Harvest Moon multiplayer. They just need to decide and stop trying to make a game in such an unstable equilibrium on the border of Survival it will just end up in a mess. As I have already mentioned in my previous reply a simple solution could be to specialize the different game modes so players who want a multi survival can do it and players who just like the ambiance and want to build their base without worries can do it too.
  7. I do not play much DST lately but I still follow the update, let me add my two cents on the two infamous changes of this update : Why are these bad? It hurts survival I am not the first to mention it and it seems pretty obvious. 2 resurrection per people along with little penalty when in Ghost makes survival much much easier. Add to that the Booster Shot change and death means nothing now. Death should be punishing! Don't Starve is supposed to be a survival game, yes it is not really hard but having a survival game with no death penalty does not make sense. It hurts cooperation That's the second problem I have with these change. So a new player comes in my server, why would I help him? If he die I know he will not waste a precious Touch Stone and his ghost will barely do anything. You see the problem? This is Don't Starve TOGETHER!! I said it before, death should be punishing and since this is supposed to be a game of cooperation everyone should be punished by a death else there is no purpose of helping others. Should it be deleted? Despite what I said before I do not think this change should be removed but made into an option. As others said DST could really use more specialised game mode : A Survival, challenging mode where death is punishing with penalties (yes I think it should even have penalty for resurrecting at a Touch Stone or a Life Giving Amulet since Booster Shot is a thing). An Endless, noob friendly mode with minimal death penalties so that new player can die, experiment and have fun while preparing for the true survival (or not). A Wilderness, DS-like, mode with penalty similar to the original game, death without preparation = change character. Eventually add a "Hardcore" mode where death is permanent. It could be even more interesting if this game mode had characters closer to DS ones (bring back old Willow & Woodie!). A PvP mode. I think it is really lacking right now. Could be something with "rounds" similar to some FPS, players join the game, PvP starts and no one can join until one Player/Team wins and so the server wipe and you can try again. Could have an option to turn on/off Ghost, no Booster Shot of course. With off Ghost you will need to have a Meat Effigy somewhere and Touch Stones would become important strategic spots.
  8. Thanks I will look into it. If I can I will try to make it so you can use Fertilizer instead of no Wither.
  9. Version 1.0


    Are you sad that your farms only works half of the year? I made this little mod to solve this! Farms now work all year long and will give vegetables depending on the season. The mod modify four things concerning farms : Low temperature will slow farm growth by 25% instead of stopping it from working Crops no longer wither (maybe I should see if there is a way to make fertilizer counter the Withering) Vegetables now depends on the season Birdcage only give one specialized seed and one or two normal seeds (before it gave one or two specialized and zero or one normal). this is to promote season vegetables! List of vegetables per season : This is my first mod so the code could use some cleaning and there is no pictures but whatever it works. Hope you enjoy it