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watermelen671    19374




Saw this photo, immediately thought of:




Don't ask. Just look at this photo, and listen to it at the same time, and then you'll never be able to unsee it.

You're welcome.

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GiddyGuy    7695
22 hours ago, Zeklo said:



16 hours ago, Palecwsmalec1 said:

Win are number Ona starts playing

But every time someone tries explaining Winona is fine and actually doesn't look ugly, Donald trump saying "ya wrong" plays.

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Tylordian    465

I can't photoshop, but imagine this: Its the I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! box but Butter is replaced with Wilson and the buttercups/butter is replaced with Winona's face.

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landromat    1887
18 minutes ago, Justme111 said:

Huh I thought there would be more shipwrecked memes or anything mentioning International pirate day...

But alas nothing, I guess I could try to make a pirate meme on shipwrecked but It would be to late.

Klei, can we have references,please?

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I would probably be saying this from now on like new wepons soldier in most of the TF2s comment sections.

Also to contribute to the memes I'm going to give the meme that i told minespatch I would give him if he figured out the game

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It's a good idea but bad picture.

it's my first meme

maybe better use this image?0ef2c4f48d0617c961cd2d23c13865d7.png

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Dorozco    576
11 minutes ago, minespatch said:


um.thumb.png.d8e28956129e663f9261e057a9e9d110.pngI watched Pan Pizza's review so I'm clean. :wilson_ecstatic:

What if the chemical W affected so much to the main characters that their names were literally changed to start with the letter of the chemical?

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