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  1. I think that's the point Connecting 2 and 2 together, I think we are supposed to presume that whatever/whoever built the clockworks had previously lived in the Hamlet world, basing their machines on the world around them. So I guess the ancient pigs built the clockworks. Or maybe the cockroach-cricket dudes. They do look awfully similar to the metheus paintings. Bruh what if the red cone between the moon and the Earth is not just part of the model, but actually represents something? Considering it is red, like the other celestial bodies. Maybe the different planes of existence we have come to know, are just two different physical places, orbiting with each other. Idk, it's a stretch
  2. When the Mayor fell asleep, I was unable to steal the deed or contract (as Warbucks). So I exited to the menu and reopened the world, which led to a crash. After the game restarted I could get into the world, but I still couldn't steal the items. It just shows up as "Buy...etc" rather than showing the correct option.
  3. I entered the ruins on accident, so I immediately left. The temple music kept playing even though I was out. I would go back in, stay a bit, then exit, but the music continued to play no matter the circumstance. I also tried turning my music to 0 then back to 10, but it didn't effect it. The problem goes away when you exit and reenter the world.
  4. im pretty sure in that image she's the witch class, she actually could use her meteor spell, I think its in the tech tree lol
  5. lol you can just tell when its bdo by the textures. wish i could still play it but i got banned after a while bc of a steam glitch ;-;
  6. what game is that in the final picture? Is it BDO or something else?
  7. The music while in the forge arena will randomly stop, I have not found a common cause of the stopping. The music resumes when I press escape into the menu, then go back into the game.
  8. Someone needs to make the Nome image float through random pictures with shooting stars playing in the background.
  9. I can't photoshop, but imagine this: Its the I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! box but Butter is replaced with Wilson and the buttercups/butter is replaced with Winona's face.
  10. I have passed the test, I have cracked the code, I have been deemed worthy of God's soft touch against my hand. I have seen everything, anything, and nothing on infinite levels of existence and time. My perception has reached a level that is constantly infinitely out of itself. I look down at the mere speck I once was, of which I cannot believe how I could tolerate living within such a small scope of knowledge and power. When I look up, I see nothing; I am the top of the chain, the peak of performance in every category below, with, and beyond existence. I am the forbidden Beyond in Bed Bath and Beyond. I have been blessed by God himself.