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December 11 Patch: Naughty & Nice Countdown


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Start your update countdown, because tomorrow is update day! Yaaaaay!

Things should go a little more smoothly this time because I actually prepared the build earlier this afternoon. So, in theory, all I need to do is 'press the button' when I get into work tomorrow, instead of my usual running-around-merging-things dance. We'll see how that goes! Maybe we can get through an update cycle without a series of emergency hot fixes for once. Ha!

Anyway, I'll probably be at my desk for 10am PST, so I'm estimating a live time of about 11am. I'll keep you posted in this thread as we progress, and I'll post the changelist when it goes live.

8:20AM : Good morning, folks! Everything is on schedule this morning. Time for breakfast!

8:36AM : To clear up time zone confusion, check this link: http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20121211T11&p0=256&msg=Naughty+%26+Nice+Update

10:10AM : Everyone is at work, and our morning meeting is done. Time for final preparations.

10:30AM : Steam is live! Chrome is about 20 minutes out. The official patch threads will be coming Soon!


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Eeeee! I'm excited!

I'm gonna start a new world for it so I'll be in a more vulnerable state when confronting any new threats. I find that to be much more fun than being ridiculously prepared for basically anything.

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Guest Dandytard

Well, Oster, I have a... early christmas present for you aswell, But I believe we'd have to continue this on the private messages. ( Speaking of Naughty & Nice )

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