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  1. Perhaps... do you have Mouse Stroke installed on Chrome?
  2. Printscreen alone captures the full screen, not only the focused window.
  3. I didn't find any Don't Starve screenshots in all your screenshots. There are some websites to host your images, you should try them (eg: http://imageshack.us/ ) ps: to make a Windows capture of the focused window, press ALT+PrintScreen, run Paint or another image editor, Paste the screenshot (CTRL+V, or RightClick>Paste), then save it as a JPEG/JPG.
  4. Then use [CTRL]+[sPACE] to fight instead, no more missclicks. =)
  5. Even 2 treeguards are way too easy to deal with, there are many ways to kill them or losing the aggro. Maybe setting some spawning rules over time like for the hounds could be a good way to balance the difficulty.
  6. I think it's ok, totally legit, from what I have seen on the video is that you were not careful enough to stay away from them. I'll leave this here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jumping_spider
  7. It's ok then, that's pretty realistic, the rabbit is scared thus runs straight to his hole, triggering the trap. The trap is too slow to catch a running animal. There should be a third status/display on the traps: "triggered but no catch" (no shaking animation), that would be good.
  8. You don't see it? Even when you are near an Alchemy Engine (2nd research machine)?
  9. This glitch happens when you put the rest of the stack back in your inventory too fast (before the pigman eats one food off the stack), he'll then eat all the stack. oh, and it already got reported several times. BTW, you can also feed them raw berries and vegetables and flowers to get poo. And putting stacks of food on the ground is the fastest rightful way to get poo off them.
  10. He was freaking out because of the dark, just lit some light and this should be ok.