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  1. Hey guys, back after awhile just to BUMP my little research have people here changed?
  2. Finally some really good update maybe I will even play this one. (I am waiting for updates because I overplayed the game and it got boring) Love the character. Robot is czech word afterall ^^
  3. I think maybe not exactly teleport as we know it.. but some kind of instant magic transfer between too specialy constructed machines that cannot be moved on another place, nor they cant be destroyed. Maybe it would be usable only once a week or so (otherwise its charging). Imagine you have one machine at the very far island with rocks and tallbirds and the second one at your camp. I really hate those journeys. They took me around two days and nothing is really dangerous..
  4. Lol I will sing it when I get home It would be cool if its going to have some music video.
  5. Taking the stance of "Only think we can is wait" is lame in my humble opinion. Dont take me wrong, I understand how problematic it is, I understand it will need a lot of changes in game as we know it today and I understand that it would somehow "brake" the feeling. But not necessarily. As I wrote to another threads before it would kick the game right to the heaven. I love this game. And true love means letting go. I want the best for developers and the best for game itself. And trust me - multiplayer will bring a lot of money to Dev's pockets and a lot of fun to our rooms. And what I am about to say now, is kind of rude, I know it.. But it is fans who actually create the game, not Dev's - do NOT forget it. We are the ones saying things to add, things we dont like and so. Ofcourse Dev's dont have to care - but they do, because at the end of the day - it is their job. And we are here, to think out whole concept and everything.. The only thing that we need to hear is:"Okay, lets say there will be multiplayer. But how it would look like?"
  6. *sigh* so it would be 7pm here. That is almost 12th Decemeber.
  7. Well I am not sure if current map isnt fitting a little bit more.. The old/current map looks like you actually draw it. And I would never draw something like the new one looks.
  8. I know, the text was funny ^^ Actually its first video of Don't Starve that I found enjoyable to watch.
  9. Its really nice It was fun to watch it! Still some parts (like with pigmens) are bit too long Iam gonna try your "mode" as Soon as i die!
  10. As I said before and as I will say always - I hate difficulty options. It kind of destroys the community of players. I will show you how it would look: New/unskilled player on forum:Hey guys, oh my god! I have just killed my first Optimus Pine! And you know what? I also killed one tentacle without help of pigs! Old/skilled player on forum:I bet that you did that on normal difficulty. No one with 2 posts on the forum can be so skilled that he can kill Optimus Pine on any higher difficulty. Nevermind noob. What I want to say is, that it would have a lot of flamewar results. Ideal and best solution is IMHO what is in Dont Starve at the moment - but more balanced. Game should be as hard as you want it. For example I love camping - yet every day I go on heroic adventurous journey to kill something. <- that makes the difficulty "normal".¨ Who do not like to camp and is only at his heroic journeys <- make himself one pretty "hard" difficulty. (not now, I know that mobs are really easy to kill at the moment, but maybe after some updates) And who want to turtle hard - he should be able to have this "easy" mode. But NO defficulty settings.
  11. That is interesting idea. But I think its much better to find all the things by yourself. To die is to learn.
  12. Am I the only one who found it via klei web? I was just like "So what are my beloved developers developing at this time?" and I found Dont Starve. Firstly I torrented it (I know, I know) but just a day after that I bought it. I have kind of luck on Kleis games. I remember how I found Shank when it was totally unknown by some random accident Still there are veterans who played dont starve for months before me So I am not such a hipster. By the way, how are you people looking on potential thousands of new players? On one side, I would love it, because the game would get known and the Klei would got a lot of money. But on the other side (the dark side) I kind of like the small society that is here and which is breaking every day more and more. And I am - to be honest - kind of scared of times that might came.
  13. Well, I am not going to be rude or anything - instead I will tell you one single thing: However are easy games "ok" at first look they get extremely boring after aprox. 1 hour of gameplay - trust me, I like easy games, but I dont even remember their names. It is difficulty and challenge what makes games good. And worry not, even my girlfriend learnt how to play and she is übernoob. As has been said before, this game is as easy as you make it. More greedy you are, more times you die.
  14. Yep, this has been suggested and I would love it! Hopefully they will add something similar. Back to the topic: Yes. I have died dozen times. On days 5-30 but once you get into it (someone earlier, someone later) you will easily survive infinitely (I am currently on day 95 or so, and I dont see any danger)
  15. Omg, how could I forgot 'brought' brainfart I guess. Edit: I looked it up and bring brang brung is correct aswel. Interesting. Anyway mandrakes are super cute. And it is lame just to eat them
  16. After an epic journey I brang (is that correct spelling?) some mandrakes to my base... then went searching for others for 8 days - come back and they were all gone :'( SCREW you gobblers!!!
  17. Dear Kevin,

    I will keep a secret - is Woodie coming to actual game?

    Your sincerely rojvol.

  18. Oh my god. It is not so easy, you know? Devs are currently working on SINGLEplayer - its not even finished yet and it will take quite a while actually! However, even if devs spend unholy ammount of time and work into it - it will still ruin the specific feel that this game gives you. I will tell you the truth - I want multiplayer same as everyone, but we have to face reality.