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  1. i'm not sure i like this one. I do like how the tail came out, and how the head accidentally became rounder.
  2. haha, you are so right, looking at the head now its way too messy. I could clean it up and make the edges simple. As for the body my idea was to stretch it up and keep it narrow to make the head look larger and wider. Now i think making the head circular but about as big as it is and have the horns provide the width i want. Imagine the horns like L shapes, going out to the sides then straight up. I think i will give it another shot with this in mind.Thanks, i'm working on a wendy one right now i'll post soon =)
  3. Did an original drawing, For some reason i'm interested in pixels lately, i think it has to do with the supreme reductions I've been doing. I think the soft shading doesn't quite work for it. I know its not much to chew on but hopefully a bunch of these in series will look pretty nice.again any thoughts, hatred, simple "yay" or "neigh" is welcome and appreciated.
  4. Nice work, I liked the grumble grumble bit at the end after he seemingly drives the hallucinations away. Made me smile. The formatting is a bit all over the place though
  5. HAHA! The exchange:Dude1 - "What do you think?"Dude2 - "I think its not done."Dude1 - "Screw it, Bye."...Stories need a Beginning, Middle, and End. This is part of a good Middle.
  6. yea i guess i kind of blew it there for that. It was a quick idea i thought i might try and throw it up here and see. I figure if you don't know bioshock then the whole thing is kaput from the getgo. Anyway thanks for the response
  7. I've been wanting to do some don't starve/??? crossover. I want to know how this reads in 100x100px. I'm curious if you know what this is refering to...thanks for the feedback.
  8. Watching the learning process has got to be the most amazing thing about games. This game is perfect for it, because while watching it you are saying "no, you don't have to dig up saplings for twigs" Then later you hear him echo that same thought as he learns how the game works.What i think is so fascinating about sips_ playthrough is how he vocalizes every thought and reason. It's an insight into a brand new player's mind and thought processes.
  9. I think this argument of the genre of the game being one thing or another. So called 'casual' vs 'uncompromising" survival game. It doesn't serve us well to argue as to the way the game should be or shouldn't be, while the game itself is in the middle of development. Whether the game was intended to be one thing or another or the perception of genre was one thing to you and different to someone else. The way i see the game is the way it is at any given point. For example the game is significantly harder now than it was before. As the game becomes increasingly more complex it will begin to raise in difficulty. To define this game so strictly i think is restricting and counter productive to the process we are currently engaged in. The only people that can tell us how the game is meant to be are the people actually designed it. In my view our role is to provide feedback and suggestions to help the designers make more informed decisions that make sense for their game.It is my opinion that people should stop telling the Klei 'what they should do' and instead find a way to express their opinion without seeming entitled to any particular outcome. Maybe I'm wrong but alongside there being a really good and positive attitude there is this weird pessimistic vibe, where people are arguing over things and losing sight of what we are here for. Maybe thats just the internet.I'm apologize if I'm out of line, but i just had to get that off my chest and i didn't want to start a new thread or a fight about silly stuff. I'm probably just procrastinating about fighting the Deerclops.
  10. i wonder that when they jump out at you how long do they stay on land? Do they stay and chase you or can you just dodge them and they jump back in?
  11. I haven't had a chance to play the update yet, but i had no idea the scale of that behemoth. It's the most terrifying beastie i've ever seen in my life!Based on absolutely nothing, i think it will go away after winter
  12. He is a desperate man, and desperate men sometimes do crazy things.
  13. I am so glad this is a bug and not the way Wendy has always played. I might check out that mod too, maybe she'll do less damage to walls too xD
  14. I started using Wendy for the first time because having something friendly in this game that doesn't require me to bribe it with leftovers. Poor little Wendy is constantly getting bugged by Abby so much so that she spends most nights running around the campfire to get away. And now that got these awesome cool stone walls up and mad Abby is going around wrecking the place!Unfortunately I won't be picking Wendy when i start my next run, which will probably start shortly after she kills me with hugs when I'm cooking some meatballs.
  15. Nice work ! I swear for half a second i thought morse code, but there was something about the patterns that wanted to be a cryptogram. I hate cryptograms so much that I see them where they don't belong. Anyway what the hell can a big spider have that you could possibly wear? Here i thought spiders were only good for building webs, eating other bugs, and swinging from rooftop to rooftop foiling bank heists. Silk full body suit anyone?
  16. That would be such a mean and terrible trick to play on such nice people
  17. Yeah i'm stumped at the moment i think i need to find another approach :\
  18. Maybe Kevin will take pity and just reveal the message "phrase" occurrences: Color coded: and */* removed: well that was fun XD EDIT: My thought is that these 25 different combinations do actually represent letters(it is far too much like the English alphabet for me to deny) So perhaps if we can break down what these phrases mean into letters, then we can take those letters and substitute them for the real words. Or i'm heading in the complete opposite direction.
  19. I love the effort there, spurring me into my own relative madness. edit:I'm still hunting for patterns, looking for what there is to see. My only hunch is that it is a very short message. These sorts of things always baffle me.
  20. The red outline is there to tell "you" not wilson that he's starving. Of course he knows he's starving, he says as much when his hunger is low. All i was saying is that the red outline on the screen to me isn't necessary because the red outline on the hunger bar is present when your hunger is low. That first post was also lost in some confusion as to which element was bugged. I personally have never taken damage from starvation, so i didn't know that combat damage outline was supposed to be used for when you take damage from starvation. I'm sorry for your confusion.
  21. It's the screen overlay not the hunger UI overlay that was the issue here. The hunger UI is working as intended
  22. So taking damage from starving isn't displaying red flashing on the screen as it would if you were taking combat damage. i now see what you mean but i still don't consider it a bug :\ I wouldn't be bothered if that was 'fixed'.
  23. The video shows the blinking red outline, i must be confusing that with the starving effect you are refering to