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  1. Sup guys, I'm kind of taking an indefinite leave. It been good times but I just don't feel like browsing the forums anymore.:/
  2. Why not start off with a good ol' fashion Wilson?
  3. They wouldn't be off-topic in the first place if they weren't derailed.
  4. A forum bug removed most of the videos in this thread, so check out Skull's to see all the videos.
  5. Just found out I still somehow have the most posts on the forum. Also testing this new forum stuff.:p

  6. I have no idea. And there was a lot less info about stuff like that back the.
  7. hi

    first of all .. my English is terrible . :D

    Because im not English .

    im from Asia ( middle East ) by the way .

    so, here is the thing .

    i saw this forum today .

    I thought that this forum could be better .

    i want to help ( i just want to work with a Foreign forum ) .

    this is one of my works .

    it is in Persian (Farsi ) , my Language .

    but just take a look at it .

    just dont choose English language in it . cuz you may have a problem .

    ( cuz i change VB in my language )

    tell The admin of this forum .

    if hi/she want help , it could be my pleasure . and it could help both of us .

    thank you very much .

    just send me Email :