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  1. There was a slight argument with a spider queen, A misunderstanding with a herd of beefalo, but Werepigs have come the closest to ending me. The thing that makes them the most dangerous to me is that most of the time that i cross paths with them, it's on my way home from an expedition in the dead of night. I have a torch more than half way expired with about half a torch's duration to reach my camp. In the pitch black you hear growling and they just come at you. What's worse is the kiting they do, because they just disappear into blackness and then come back from a different direction, the whole time I'm sprinting home. My torch runs out just before my camp, i try to make a new one in the dark, but i get struck, i try again, hit, finally the third time works, i use my torch to find the fireplace. Out of breath, I equip my sword. With a desperate cry, I charge at the beast closing the distance and just as i am about to strike...DAWN.My friends are themselves again, completely unawares of the night before.The moral of this story is i wouldn't trade that experience for anything. Me and Probus have been friends ever since. We all have our little quirks, i suppose, his is just a bit more ... formidable.
  2. Regarding honey balance

    I don't think they are that difficult and cost nothing early game. Early game doesn't cost health as much as late game, so i don't have a problem using honey for honey ham, and butteryflies for pure health gains. In my experience( i don't know the numbers) Butterflys heal way more than bandaids
  3. Regarding honey balance

    buttahflies heal early game.
  4. wilson's beard

    i don't know if it has an armor bonus, but it certainly carries a warmth bonus.
  5. my story

    That's the best kind of feedback !
  6. i'm not sure i like this one. I do like how the tail came out, and how the head accidentally became rounder.
  7. haha, you are so right, looking at the head now its way too messy. I could clean it up and make the edges simple. As for the body my idea was to stretch it up and keep it narrow to make the head look larger and wider. Now i think making the head circular but about as big as it is and have the horns provide the width i want. Imagine the horns like L shapes, going out to the sides then straight up. I think i will give it another shot with this in mind.Thanks, i'm working on a wendy one right now i'll post soon =)
  8. Did an original drawing, For some reason i'm interested in pixels lately, i think it has to do with the supreme reductions I've been doing. I think the soft shading doesn't quite work for it. I know its not much to chew on but hopefully a bunch of these in series will look pretty nice.again any thoughts, hatred, simple "yay" or "neigh" is welcome and appreciated.
  9. Maxwell's Shadow

    Nice work, I liked the grumble grumble bit at the end after he seemingly drives the hallucinations away. Made me smile. The formatting is a bit all over the place though
  10. my story

    HAHA! The exchange:Dude1 - "What do you think?"Dude2 - "I think its not done."Dude1 - "Screw it, Bye."...Stories need a Beginning, Middle, and End. This is part of a good Middle.
  11. Thanks for the rep points. I didn't even know that existed :)

  12. Honey Poultice

    What he's saying is, or forgive me if i'm talking out of myself, but using lua commands does absolutely nothing to solve a lack of health items in the game. That being the topic of this discussion at the outset.That topic which was resolved some time agoedit: i've butt in enough times, i'll let you two brash it out, please keep it civil fellas
  13. Honey Poultice

    You know I've been thinking about modding, and while this is quite off topic. The only thing i could possibly see myself changing, is the ability to wear a dapper vest(etc) and a backpack at the same time. Logsuit i can abide, but come on i can wear a breezy vest and a backpack simultaneously.
  14. Honey Poultice

    Sorry, kneejerk reaction to workarounds like that. Not my style is all. :\edit: I didn't see Sir Khray complain once.
  15. Honey Poultice

    ^ ew.ew. ew. ew. ew. ew. ew. ew. ew.