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  1. Nah.. I think noone had to say this. Edit: @GoodKnightGamer I just scanned your thread. Yeah this is a bit to clode to minecraft, but you have some good suggestions as well. Sorry I don't have enough time to read/answer to the whole thread at the moment. I'll do this tomorrow if noone else gives you enough feedback.. Damn.. double post.. could someone delete the upper post please.
  2. Post the same thread here again, that might work better or a gold member could move this thread.. Someone just moved it so you don't have to do sth.
  3. Maybe steam was synchronizing after you closed Don't Starve instead of updating.
  4. The only solution is to have a nice BBQ with Abigail...
  5. Too bad that the world is going to end on Friday, so it won't be released.
  6. You are able to easily kill (sleeping) beefalos (they won't attack), spider eggs and treeguards with Abigail. You just have to pull her over the enemie. Edit: Abigail is a ghost with a red ribbon.. that's enough isn't it?
  7. The strategie is that some interested people can play this game in beta and give feedback to the devs what they could do better. Also the beta player track the bugs, so the devs just have to fix them. This simplifies the devs work and improves the game. I think Klei isn't really well known, but during the beta the people propagate this game. So there will be more customer on release.
  8. I had a quite nice bug with Abigail, too. Introducing..... daywalker Abigail Here's a minimized picture: Sry the whole picture is to big to upload. Edit: After I was revived by an amulet (for testing) on the next day, Abigail spawned.
  9. I know.. I just suggested all other possibilities to set fire even if they are inconvenient.
  10. Yeah he has to be fat. I imagined him really fat as well, but I forgot to write this down.
  11. This little swamp isn't dangerous it's a lovely place to stay. Your smallbird seems to be very happy about this place. @vadjok88 Was there already a fullmoon night, while you were in this camp?
  12. I'm using mainly the mouse, my keyboard is rarely used to press backspace if I an item is behind an object and I can't click on it.
  13. Second, but inconvenient method: If you play Willow you have to stay in dark, after a few seconds she lights a little fire or build a normal campfire near a burnable object and add some fuel.
  14. I posted a thread which included this idea about King Werepig This is the revised edition: Look: Like normal Werepiggies just bigger and with the accessoires (rings, a crown..), which he wears normally. Abilities: Strong, but slow autoattack which shakes the ground and smashes the player back or breaks his armor, high health, spawns (were)piggies Drops: (a lot of) gold, amulet, (monster)meat and King Werepiggys staff/crown (all piggies are friendly if euqipped) Spawn: The pig king turns into king werepig, in fullmoon nights.