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    Sup guys, I'm kind of taking an indefinite leave. It been good times but I just don't feel like browsing the forums anymore.:/
  2. Looks great! I always wished the Devs had done more field notes...
  3. Doing Pixel Art!

    Why not start off with a good ol' fashion Wilson?
  4. Thread Derailment - UPDATED

    They wouldn't be off-topic in the first place if they weren't derailed.
  5. Dont Starve Art

    Looking good.
  6. Why All The Sparring Between Everyone?

    Weird. Still doesn't work for me.
  7. Why All The Sparring Between Everyone?

    Are you writing the bb code or just using the @ symbol?
  8. Why All The Sparring Between Everyone?

    In the past @ + Toaster Fu worked, but when I made the post up there it just linked me to the member "Toaster" and left off the Fu.Once more for science @Toaster FuEdit: Yep, just Toaster.If you're talking about the @ being left off, I just left it off since it didn't seem like it needed it to work. You can still do that if you write out the bb code.Example, @Toaster Fu.
  9. Why All The Sparring Between Everyone?

    Just put [ member = "Toaster Fu" ] without spaces.Toaster Fu
  10. How To's All In Videos

    A forum bug removed most of the videos in this thread, so check out Skull's to see all the videos.
  11. (Title)

    Looks good!
  12. Just found out I still somehow have the most posts on the forum. Also testing this new forum stuff.:p

  13. Do You Like The New Forums?

    So that's what's been messing up page scaling for me.
  14. who holds the record?

    I have no idea. And there was a lot less info about stuff like that back the.
  15. [Crash] it keeps crashing

    System specs?
  16. Don't starve FanArt

    Sweet art!
  17. And for me at least, I've been here nearly a whole year, if I was super active and visible I would have burned out a long time ago. You have to pace yourself.
  18. Messin' With Fan Art

    Fantastic drawings!
  19. Krampus in a Sac =P

    Looks fantastic!
  20. 3d Printed Wilson Figurine

    It looks awesome!And not that there's a problem, but you still might want to talk to the Devs about selling it.
  21. I like the new direction your art is headed in!
  22. That second one is pretty boss!