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  1. planting seeds as wormwood

    I like it as basic foods. Since you only have to care about hunger when it comes to what he eats. You can mass produce a non spoiling food supply at base.
  2. [Game Update] - 307715

    Family is sleeping :/
  3. [Game Update] - 307715

    I love Wormwood already and I only played a few minutes. Thing i've found so far:
  4. So we've all been playing Hamlet for a while now. And most of us had specific places in RoG and SW where we liked to make camp. What sweet spots have you found in Hamlet so far? Myself I prefer to make camp just outside of the pig village on the starting island and then build a shanty in it once I get the key to the city.
  5. [Game Update] - 238439

    about the Tar extractors. I have had it happen every time on all my beta worlds. just place it, fuel it once. and it runs for ever. Alot of people are using Rezecibs geometric placement, and I saw him say something about the "snap" that happens with the tar extractor on the oil slick. Could this mod have anything to do with it?
  6. I have two binge eaters in my base and none of them eats any food. I assume that they would if they got stressed, but I havent tried that yet.
  7. [Game Update] - 230103

    Or swap it around and let everything not be auto disinfect unless we say it is to be.
  8. [Game Update] - 229982

    ye it should take longer. but a skilled researcher should do it quicker than a not skilled one. I kinda like the slow down of everything with slow research. I vote for even slower, but speed perk for skill. or inplement a use for researching, after all research is done.
  9. Hype! This will be soo nice Or not, if you don't like germs.
  10. wow, thats a necro if I ever seen one
  11. Meant to ask you on YouTube, but I figured I would just ask you here.  Hope that's ok?

    Since you did your base series with a lot of narcoleptics, did you ever lose one because they fell asleep somewhere with no oxygen (under water, high CO2, etc)?   Or if they did fall asleep there, did they immediately wake back up?

    1. cptCalavera


      the narcoleptic sleep is so short so it really doesnt matter where they sleep, they tend to wake up in time to get out of any bad situation.

    2. Dogbarian


      Okay, thanks!

  12. So anyone know how to aquire the boulder item? And yes, sinkholes spawn where ever the player is.
  13. Year of the dog here. So hound would fit pretty well I suppose. Does this mean im spooked by fire crackers now?
  14. If you happen to be sucked inside the Sealnado, and it dies from something else while you are inside it. (In my case hounds took it out) You will be invisible, unable to move and you cannot use anything in your inventory. the UI stays though, but all you can do is watch your hunger slowly drain until you die from starvation, or charlie gets you in the night.