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  1. I am not very clear with the part about combining stacks and splitting stacks...I have lots of questions.Does the food convert to the stacks freshness when you stack it? or does the entire stack become the average freshness of all the units? or does each unit of food track its freshness individually? What happens when I have a (50%) stale piece of meat in my inventory and I pick up a (100 %)fresh piece, will they combine to form a stack that is (75%)fresh? If so Can I technically keep splitting the stack into ones and adding fresh meat so that the stack will almost never spoil?eg. I have a stack of 20 (10%) meat. I split the stack into ones and add a 100% meat to that stack. therefore both becomes 55%? If rather it is a stack of a 50% meat and a 75% meat...How do I separate the fresh ones from the stale ones in a stack of 20? presumably I would want to consume a Soon to be stale meat rather than a fresher one. Also I hope that expired food(wet goop) can be used as fertiliser for crops. Or at least a repeatable use for them if not we might have a large stash of useless goops in our inventory.
  2. I feel that klei implemented the turf digging so that we can dig up snow and build Frosty the Snowman!!!!!
  3. Anyone else think they made turf so that you can build snowmans during winter?
  4. Whoops..sorry!That did not occur to me at all :/ ...Is it weird that I did not find it gruesome? gosh..think I have been desensitized..
  5. An intriguing idea...although it will never be implemented ;(
  6. The research system is about to change so it doesn't matter. reasearch points are meant to make thing more progressive rather than grindy so I think it is okay.
  7. I like the jungle biome. I would rather there be a fish bowl instead of a hatchery.Most of the idea are too derivative and are just more of the same. Personally I would like it if they introduced new things instead of similar but better items.
  8. Craftable Frosty the Snowman during winter.Materials3 Snow turf (UPDATED)1 Carrot3 Charcoal1 Top HatFrosty the snowman wakes up at night and patrols around. Attacks anything in sight including players. Meat is spawned around snowman in the morning.Frosty the snowman avoids fire pit lit areas.Frosty the snowman last for 3 days leaving behind a Top hat.Frosty the snowman melts in a day if it is not winterEdit: changed the picure to a less gruesome one
  9. what is do you know of this...are you a soothsayer?
  10. hmm...having problems posting multiple videos Episode 2: Reviving Sir Julian(latest episode!)
  11. I think the number of resources compensate for the insanely long distances