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  1. Daamn

    This account is pretty old but I like it.


  2. Can't really say until official requirements are announced so I'd have a baseline to compare those specs to. I'll give it a "probably" just from wild guessing based off what can be seen in the videos 2D games can be surprisingly demanding, though.
  3. Probably because Sony wants to create all the incentive they can to encourage people to buy a PS4.
  4. As far as I understand, it's a console exclusivity deal with Sony. Console exclusivity doesn't prevent a game from releasing on PC (or mobile, afaik), but it does prevent it from releasing on a competing home console. In a lot of marketing lately, the "console" part of console exclusivity is often left out, which causes some confusion when, say, an "Xbox One exclusive" game is announced for the PC as well.
  5. As an additional layer of protection, I recommend installing the Web of Trust browser plugin. If your browser tries to load up a known malicious site, WOT will warn you. (In the case of false positives of if you just like living dangerously, you can ignore the warning and continue to the website) If you're unsure about a site, you can visit its page on WOT and read comments posted by other users. Also, while it's annoying to use at first since you'll have to manually whitelist your regular websites, NoScript is an excellent way of staying safe on the internet, though NoScript only works on Firefox. And of course, there's the usual "use a decent antivirus" recommendation as some of them will also keep an eye on your web browsing and try to protect you from malicious sites. Look into reviews of various antivirus programs and try to use one that's well regarded. Personally, I use the free version of AVG.
  6. My Chester has arrived! Small dog included in photo for scale.
  7. Just got my shipment confirmation and tracking number. Looks like I'll have my Chester within the next few days!
  8. I went with my first name (it's a fairly common one so I'm not really concerned about submitting it) with my forum name in quotes next to it.
  9. You'll should eventually get a proper redemption link through Kickstarter, then. I don't think the digital rewards have been officially sent out, but that kind of thing does sometimes show up early on Humble (there's a few other things I've backed on Kickstarter that have popped up early in my library as well). Edit: Or maybe they have been sent out and I forgot! If that's the case and you can't find the email, then contacting Klei would be the thing to do.
  10. You should actually already have it! (at least, I already have mine and have had it for a while now) Log into Humble Bundle (with the same email you use for Kickstarter) and check the "Claim Past Purchases" thing at the top of your library page. Should be redeemable up there.
  11. Woo, just filled out the survey! Won't be much longer now...
  12. Same here on the 'no survey yet' thing. I'm going to give it a bit more time or wait for a response from Klei before I send out a support email, since with all the people saying they haven't gotten theirs, it seems pretty likely that the surveys just haven't been sent out yet. Edit: And there's the response email. No surveys have been sent out yet, but they should go out sometime this week.