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  1. This morning I was trying to go back to some old sessions but apparently the last and restart files cannot be imported for some reason. I tried changing the file's date (post and previous patch), coping into the steam save folder but non of which worked.My question is if we are not allowed to do this anymore....or I suddenly became stupidcheers guys
  2. Just use some duplicated save sessions and you should be able to have all the new content in your current gameplay....if you're clever...of course
  3. It is not the update we expect....probably a fix before the actual update just tried it
  4. Light/Contrasts effects still need to be polished (I actually turn down my screen illumination, it looks better) , but yeah, that is the "concept" of winter that I expected for this game. Also seasonal beasts and plants are very expected. Any news on making Rain ??
  5. They indeed "suck" your food, not a good idea having big hordes of them.... Since my lil birds never live more than once weak, I usually have one at the time; two at the most
  6. I normally cook whatever I have in my farms and try to get the best of each combo. But honey meat is still my favorite. Looking forward for the cooking book item, if there is going to be one.....i'm tired having to go to wiki in order to remember some of them...
  7. This whole pig issue should attract devs attention because 95% of the community does not agree with it, not because its new and we're not used to it. Hopefully they fix it Soon or come up with another solution to fix this and to destroy other balance Don't get me wrong...its beta after all.... but still, have a look at this Kevin
  8. Any special gifts for Christmas?? Looking forward for some new features
  9. That's the wrong folder mate Here try this one Turn off cloud, save ...\Steam\userdata\(user number id)\219740, everything in this folder
  10. I like the new "pet" concept and i expect much more variety in future updates.... Considering how week they are I never hatch more than 2 at once.... Haven't faced the Krampus thing yet....but no rush Awesome Fps, nice map, and its only me or....Tall-birds respawn???
  11. How do I know if the egg freezes or not??? it jest bounces from side to side....
  12. Ok i got wet goop and a cooked morsel ¬¬ I'll check the video again... - - - Updated - - - Ok i got wet goop and a cooked morsel ¬¬ I'll check the video again...
  13. ooh god... i failed like 10 times already....and i only have one egg (because someone deleted the other 36 i had) Stop trolling around and post how to get the bloody chicken