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  1. I strongly agree with Coney on this one. Do you have any more specific reason for this removal, excluding: "it was causing a problem with controller targeting" ? I have the exact same sound issue, but on winter, and restarting the game won't do any good. EDIT: Apparently the sound issue occurs only in existing save-files as making a new one seems to "clear" it.
  2. Mysterious notes?

    Not crazy. Not Crazy. Not crazy. Not crazy. Not crazy. Not Crazy. Not crazy. Not crazy. Not crazy. Not Crazy. Not crazy. Not crazy. I know this all means SOMETHING! Stupid Birds, I need ALL 17!! NOT crazy. Note the "C" letters, they change from normal to "caps", they repeat 12 times: 2nd time, C 6th time, C 10th time, C and in the last one, "NOT" is in caps. I have no idea if this means something.
  3. Mysterious notes?

    Anyone tried holding 17 Notes in the inventory near any crafting machine in full moon? And maybe together with the items that we used to "prototype" the first puzzle. Or maybe split into individual pieces and read each one? Ok, I'm going to try this. ----------------------------------------------- Nevermind, you can't stack them, and spawning more notes just reads the same number, even if you quit/enter game. Yeah, I'm stupid. *facepalm*
  4. The Screecher

    Word of advice, don't play this at 2am... Didn't know i could **** my pants whit a game, well i've learned the hard way xD GOOD JOB KLEI Here's a screen, for the ones who don't dare to try it out:
  5. I'm not sure if I like or hate Krampus, i mean i'm sure i hate him when he doesn't drop the sack, but in another way he somehow amuses me every time I "call" him I mean he's Humanoid goat with a huge sack running around and stealing stuff, and that''s quite hilarious for me. So yeah I guess i like Krampus and i think he's fine the way it is. Maybe the only thing to add is a little more chance drop on the sack xD
  6. Want a duel with Da Spidah! Thanks for the info
  7. What do you love about this game?

    One of the main thing that caught my attention was the graphical art, reminds me of Tim Burton's which i also love ofc, the thrill of exploring new areas and last but not least the survival concept. After being familiar with the game, thought it would be interesting the see how the forums would be with a game still in beta. Well gotta say i got surprised by it Really nice,empathic,enthusiastic community!! Specially when Kevin 'spits' a word about something and the Speculation Labyrinth starts xD oohh and when the teasers get out : Neo-Sherlock Holmes's appears
  8. Time For Some Praise

    Hello and welcome! Yes i agree with you. Played Shank before and now this one which i'm truly amazed
  9. Help with big tree

    Check This out
  10. Niceee!! a new threat eheheh Although, i don't like the idea of Imprisoned a birdie :s, poor little creature... Looking forward to test it out! Cheers
  11. Juicy Mappy Goodness

    LOVE IT!!! Specially the the new colour Biomes!!
  12. Seriousely, red hounds....

    hmm, i STRONGLY recommend you to at least play with the FX and believe me the game will change for you definitely when you do that, specially if you appreciate the Sound Art in games. This one in particularly as really well-made and original one!
  13. I survived for a long time by now and didn't use any of this 'Walls'...Don't get me wrong, i didn't mentioned that he should be penalized for that, but like i said he messed with the game experience and it went wrong !Everyone plays however they like, i personally just don't like to use these 'tactics', like i said before, it takes the fun away. Btw that's pure karma in that Peace
  14. Funny community screenshots

    Embrace yourselves, Spider Invasion is comming!
  15. What do you do?

    I personally, since i explored everything and got everything unlocked(180Days), will try to kill every evil creature in the map and then probably after that make a new game, possibly trying out Wendy
  16. Seriousely, red hounds....

    *WARNING* Grammar psychos! joking Really you can't hear them? They make a quite disturbing sound, it scared the **** outta me first time i've heard. Maybe you have the FX low?
  17. Nope, its the Circle-Wall of Pig houses.For me that's 'glitching' and yes it takes away the fun, besides in the hotfix they 'fixed': 'You can't place buildings and trees as close together, so that you can't build ad-hoc walls'
  18. And now every time i read a post from you i 'voice-over' you in my head oO Peace
  19. oh ****! What kind of farm is that? Charcoal? xD sorry for your loss m8, but hey that's what happens when you try to 'glitch' the gaming experience. Yes they are Joyos
  20. Seriousely, red hounds....

    ehhh man sorry for that, but i think you've learned your lesson Some tips: 1.When you ear Hounds, if you're in your camp just go for an open space and wait for them; 2.Kill the first one; 3.The 2nd will try to eat his brother's meat,kill IT; 4. Repeat step 3; Good luck
  21. If there's no cooking,chest organizing, crafting to do, i take my Minerhat and go visit my neighbours which are Pigmans or catch some Fireflies!
  22. I've played a quite few hours and never crossed with something like this.
  23. paper question

    The first time i saw the paper i thought it would be to write music notes for the Pan Flute xD, to make the Chill efect even more deep! ahahah I just hope we could name our chests, or even make Signs with a paper sicked on it. Probably a stupid idea but i think some would like as i do. Good Job so far! That my friend are actually REALLY good ideas Cheers