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  1. Killing

    Oh boy, I can't even take a quick nap without things going to hell in here...
  2. Yay, I'm famous Let's kick it up a notch: What will our powers be? I mean, we all need a special power, right? Dibs on disappearing in a shadowy *puff* and reappearing behind the opponent!
  3. I will be......in the next update
  4. [REQ] Change FOV

    This may be useful for others wondering the same: Found on pcgamingwiki.com.
  5. Help!

    It was a little mistake, but your save files should be safe once Steam downloads the correct update.
  6. Birdcage OP

    I think it's a fair concern that should be further discussed, as long as everyone keeps it friendly.PRO: With 4 of the easiest and smallest aggressive mob's meat you can make a dish that fills +62.5 of your hunger. You can repeat this process as long as you have monster meat, as many times as you want. CON: You need to have bird cages unlocked.
  7. Considering you already got your hands on a copy of Don't Starve and that you already made quite a lot of trading already, let's give other people a chance to get his hands on Don't Starve, shall we?There's plenty of general trading forums around, let's keep this one for people looking for Don't Starve
  8. Touch Stone

    #Welcome [MENTION=15049]Blulev[/MENTION]Please post any further video on the Videos subforum
  9. It doesn't matter if you are trying to mod the game as a hobby or if you hire a "code monkey" as someone mentioned to do the work, the game is in no state right now to effectively add something as complex as multiplayer by simply touching LUA files. A kickstarter to add Multiplayer unofficially for Don't Starve will most likely end up being a scam. A pretty big one also... ...and now that I think about it... *COUGH*, never mind. I have to go now... somewhere. To do a... thing. Yeah. Don't mind me. I'm just gonna go do... yeah.
  10. Unless it puts DS on both the general and the early-access categories, I think this may hurt the visibility of the game on Steam. It would narrow it down to people searching specifically for beta access to games, which is kind of a niche; considering they are often unplayable/full of bugs. Being on the general category it may compete with a lot more games for attention, but it also can convert casual browsers into customers by being distinguished with the discount tag.
  11. Fake. It's from back when the game wasn't even modable yet.
  12. Exactly. I hid yours too TalentedM so you don't end up looking as a crazy man who talks to ghosts
  13. Not yet, I simple "unapproved" it until the big guys wake up and decide what to do with it. Also, to prevent another pointless flame war.
  14. Thing is, pigmen are afraid of the dark. They wouldn't just stand there until the night comes.Perhaps an alternative could be that after a couple of seconds of running in the same spot, they would switch to a 10 seconds state of running on a random side-wise direction, and then give the go straight home approach another try. They would probably still hit walls, but they would appear to try and circumvent the obstacle. It may not fix the problem, but it wouldn't hurt so much our suspension of disbelief.
  15. Winter is coming + Walruses + Igloos......I like where this is going.