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  1. Oh boy, I can't even take a quick nap without things going to hell in here...
  2. #Welcome [MENTION=15049]Blulev[/MENTION]Please post any further video on the Videos subforum
  3. Exactly. I hid yours too TalentedM so you don't end up looking as a crazy man who talks to ghosts
  4. Not yet, I simple "unapproved" it until the big guys wake up and decide what to do with it. Also, to prevent another pointless flame war.
  5. Thing is, pigmen are afraid of the dark. They wouldn't just stand there until the night comes.Perhaps an alternative could be that after a couple of seconds of running in the same spot, they would switch to a 10 seconds state of running on a random side-wise direction, and then give the go straight home approach another try. They would probably still hit walls, but they would appear to try and circumvent the obstacle. It may not fix the problem, but it wouldn't hurt so much our suspension of disbelief.
  6. Winter is coming + Walruses + Igloos......I like where this is going.
  7. That's actually a very good tip. Now I know to save my food for breakfast, instead of eating it for dinner.Good one.
  8. This is the closest we have for now...[REL] Don't Starve Tex Files Manager
  9. Algunas sugerencias: [*]LMB > ClkI RMB > ClkD (suena feo pero a lo mejor se entiende mejor que "Left Mouse Button") [*]Dragon Fruit > Fruta del dragón [*]En vez de Terreno de granja, por qué no Sembradio? (terreno de granja suena mucho a traducción automática). [*]Falta FLOWERHAT = "Garland" en el strings.lua español > ¿"Sombrero Floreado"? [*]En vez de Pequeña nave espacial, por qué no Pequeño cohete espacial? [*]En vez de Pierogi, Empanadas. [*]En vez de Koalefant, Koalefante? Cuando tenga tiempo sigo leyendo. Pero por sobretodo, felicitaciones, es un trabajo enorme y se ve que le pusiste ganas.
  10. #Welcome to the forums. Would you mind posting a direct link to the file? Also, instead of overwriting the strings.lua file, you should probably make an independent one, like the one in mods\languages\french.lua and then add... require ("mods/languages/spanish.lua")...to the language.lua file. This way the players won't loose the translation the next time their game is updated. #Bienvenido al foro. Te importaría postear un link directo al archivo? Ademas, en vez de sobreescribir el archivo strings.lua, probablemente deberías crear un archivo independiente, como mods\languages\french.lua y después agregar... require ("mods/languages/spanish.lua")...en el archivo language.lua. De esta forma los jugadores no van a perder la traducción la próxima vez que el juego se actualize.
  11. Hey, you should probably do what WrathOf said on another post... ...this will probably ensure your mod don't break with the next update that adds new strings.
  12. Welcome to the forums.I was about to ask for the same thing. It's paramount for translators to have the original script in the same form and layout as the translated one should be to use as base.Anyway, I'm gonna wait for some po&mo support, as it makes things really easier fir translators.
  13. Oh but you can. You simply have to wait until you have means of lowering down your insanity, like a dapper vest and the like.Wormholes are supposed to be midgame shortcuts for when you explored enough. This way you still have things to enjoy when you are on day 40 instead of experiencing all the game has to offer in the first 5 days. For example, you can't make nether portals in Minecraft until you mined some diamonds (unless you exploit the fact that you can make obsidian in a specific place by cooling lava with water, but that's your choice to make).
  14. I just wanted to say that I love the formatting of your signature :D

  15. Personally, It wasn't that I was rooting for that symbol in particular, but against changing it; I didn't think that the arguments presented had enough merit to support a change.But I myself was raise free of all religion, and thus consider the inverted pentagram (and all other religions symbols) simply as that, symbols that convey ideas, not eternal damnation. That's why I have a hard time beginning to comprehend how something as apparently simple as 5 lines arranged in a star-like shape can generate such profound rejection from people. But anyway, the symbol was changed to a red skull (which would most likely offend Captain America's fans) so this debate is pretty much dead already. Good to have you back onboard [MENTION=3733]Zeokroe[/MENTION]