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Mob Vote Together - Moonjelly Wins !

Mob Vote Together  

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Welcome one and all to this newest and first edition of the


Where each of you get to have a say and vote for your favorite mob from a fine selection of 3 unique candidates.
Who are they? What they do? We shall answer these questions without further ado as our two presenters just arrived.


joew0.png.e42ea31355b1f9b36120c534f399c9eb.png Tiny JoeW: What on earth is going on here?

jesse0.png.4b21ea60af4e85229ce937539286b43a.png Tiny JesseB: Hello everyone!


Our first mob is the Hatebird:


joew2.png.8070c736eae7a9fcad0b27ef0082096c.png It's literally a lovebird.

jesse1.png.dd01d98b7b9be4c42a833127dc0bef6c.png But instead they hate about everything!

joew1.png.aa7e39ba4555eb0fec13535da9ba1f03.png So, like a lovebird would.

Hatebirds will land on the Moon Quay turfs, replacing the generic crows here.
They settled here because they hate the monkeys, and they love that.

joew0.png.e42ea31355b1f9b36120c534f399c9eb.png Like our players so that give them one thing in common.

Hatebirds leave Sanguine Feathers behind them, not when they die, but as they fly off if you satisfied their crave for violence by killing other mobs. Now what can the Sanguine Feather be used for, Tiny JoeW?

Am I supposed to have a script or something? Er-whatever... so let's say you can craft a new dart type which, uh, turns hostile mobs against each others on hit?


Next, we have the Blueprint Golem:


jesse3.png.0ca43ca39b8e455fd24bb02e78c09171.png Or how I like to call it, the Bluelem. It's a crafty servant made by combining any 30 blueprints together.

joew3.png.4a955fd3ef5b71709be3dbd282540743.png Can you even hold 30 blueprints at onc- aaah...

jesse0.png.4b21ea60af4e85229ce937539286b43a.pngGolems will pick up about any resources left on the floor and stash them. Whenever they have the ability to craft any non-character item from their stash, they'll build it, regardless of the station it takes and drop it.
Though they are a little clumsy so it's likely that the item isn't at pristine quality...

joew2.png.8070c736eae7a9fcad0b27ef0082096c.png Also if they carry too many items, let's say 30, they explode!

jesse2.png.2cc2930d15945e03439c78a09e615917.png What?

joew0.png.e42ea31355b1f9b36120c534f399c9eb.png I mean... paper cut shrapnel sounds kinda wild.


Last but not least... the Moon Jelly:


joew0.png.e42ea31355b1f9b36120c534f399c9eb.png What does?

jesse4.png.7830a3ac366a3edf43a4950fdd7f2d13.png It glows!

joew3.png.4a955fd3ef5b71709be3dbd282540743.png ... and?

jesse1.png.dd01d98b7b9be4c42a833127dc0bef6c.png It flies!

joew1.png.aa7e39ba4555eb0fec13535da9ba1f03.png The blue floaty thing, eh? Well. I suppose we'll figure out something out of that one, eventually.


And that wraps up the vote options. Which one do you want added to Don't Starve Together totally not in a mod which will get updates with new mobs & votes every now and then? The vote poll starts now and ends on October 19th. Happy voting and spooky season!

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This reminds me of how the scorpion lost mob vote for Minecraft and the devs promised it would “eventually” be added to the game anyway, I didn’t know eventually meant 30 years later.

Ahem anyway, my vote goes to the Moon Jellyfish. :wilson_love:

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I'ma be honest - I got lost after the first little story, and when I saw the blueprint thing I was totally lost.  I scrolled down on accident and saw the Moon Jelly and was brought back.  I still didn't read anything further, it just instantly looked cool and has a cool name.  Definitely that thing.

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Oh wow I sure hope the vote doesn't upset a lot of people and is not a waste of time and resources by designing all the mobs that will not end up in the game.

Hatebird for the win.

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10 hours ago, Mike23Ua said:

This reminds me of how the scorpion lost mob vote for Minecraft and the devs promised it would “eventually” be added to the game anyway, I didn’t know eventually meant 30 years later.

Ahem anyway, my vote goes to the Moon Jellyfish. :wilson_love:

Scorpion? I'm convinced Mike lives in a parallel universe and has somehow passed the barrier to communicate w/ us.

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I'm definitely noooot voooting for a crab. What, sarcasm?What are you I would never

 I will vote for Moon Jelly, because it is a worthy interlocutor, and I am sure that if you play for wigfrith, you will be able to eat it alive:wilson_ecstatic:

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5 hours ago, CaptainSid said:

When DST Live? I can't wait for the new update!

If I had a webcam I'd probably have managed to put together a livestream for a presentation of the winner, heh. But I suppose we'll content with a little trailer :distracted:

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