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  1. I’m very glad that I helped someone Honestly, I managed to find more information than there is in this post. Maybe I'll somehow create a second post in which I show the remaining information Sadly, I could not get access to old versions other than illegal methods. Because of this, I am not going to distribute these builds anywhere, so as not to violate any rules, sorry.
  2. About a month ago, when I was looking at a wiki page about cut content, and was very interested in what the game was like in 2012. Strangely enough, but I managed to get a lot of information: First of all, in the archives І found many early Steam game builds, although it took more than three weeks to find them, and it was worth it. So let's get started with them: (I will describe only November 13/14/18/27/30 and December 11 game builds, I won't touch on the subsequent ones, because it will take a lot of time, and getting information about them is much easier compared to the above) First Steam Version Builds (13 Nov 2012 - 11 Dec 2012) 11 December Build (Naughty and Nice) 27 November Build (The Birds and the Bees & Dogs That Want to Kill You) and 30 November Hotfix 13 November Build (Enter the Gobbler!) and 14/30 November Hotfixes Differences from the latest versions that I noticed: The camera can only be rotated on four sides. When you press the spacebar, the character not only collects resources near him, he also attacks the enemies. Attack on the F key does not work. (27 Nov and subsequent builds) The Spider Den has a different icon, also, there is no web around it. It takes a less naughty points to summon a Krampus. (11 Dec Build) Krampus Sack dropped out on the first try. Looks like drop rate are much higher than now. (11 Dec Build) Old inventory style (13/18 Nov Builds) Next build... (Comparison) Game settings (Comparison) Inventory. Old Magic Tab Icon. Map (Comparison) 3 farm plot levels Just 100 HP, Hunger points and any Sanity Research points system Chest have 6 slots (13/18 Nov Builds) Old cooking interface (13/18 Nov Builds) Collecting nearby items when you press the spacebar doesn't work (13/18 Nov Builds) And many other differences... Also on my channel there is a video with an overview of the Nov 13 build: So what's about more earlier versions? All previous assemblies were distributed only through Google Chrome and I really would like to get them, but I think this is impossible However, I still have a lot of interesting information about them: Chrome Builds (24 May 2012 - 13 Nov 2012) 30 October Build (Cooking!) October 16 Build (New Monsters!) 2 October Build 18 September Build 9 September Build 21 August Build 7 August Build 23 July Build 11 July Build 4 July Build 3 July Build 27 June Build 25 June Build 20 June Build June 15 Build 11 June Build 7 June Build 30 May - 6 June Build 29 May Build 24 May Build Many screenshots from the earliest Chrome game builds Time for data mining! Some more interesting things Ahh ... I have been making this post for 12 hours (seriously) and I really hope that this information will be useful to someone. Thank you, reader, for reaching this point And many thanks to the Klei Entertainment team! Without them, we would never have seen so many wonderful games!