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[Game Update] - 542788

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New Login Bonus!


For a limited time players that login during February 13 through February 23 will receive the Lovely Bouquet when logging into the game for the first time during this period. We hope you have a lovely week!



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Homespun Watering Can having an outline for its icon.

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2 minutes ago, BezKa said:

If this is a hambat that's gonna be so funny beating people witha bouqet

I'll also accept it as a hambat skin :D

Edited by X-lem
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7 minutes ago, Anthony_L3hr said:

A new Clean Sweeper skin! Works very well as decoration when placed on the ground too! And has its own particle effects!BeautifulDecor.png.4410aca33ba720c68a582d76f33a90cf.png


Oh wow that is so pretty! I'll definitely be using this one.

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I noticed a detail that today when I logged in DST on Nintendo Switch, I got the new skin Lovely Bouquet. The image and the name of the skin can be shown in the game except the Chinese translation. Meanwhile there is no update on Nintendo Switch today. If I am not wrong, the skin has been finished at least on Maxwell Refresh version and Klei put it in the game on Nintendo Switch.

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34 minutes ago, Intrepidpioneer said:

Oh cool new elden ring skin crossover update!

You seek violence, heedless of my warning, though you have been raised to a knight of the dynasty? I am pained, to the very depths of my being. I'll ensure you regret this, my lambkin. Enjoy your miserable death.

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