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Huge Bug Fix Beta Available Now!


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Hello everybody!

Surprise! We have a big bug fix update for you all. This is pretty substantial, so we’re going to put this on a beta branch for you all to check out before we put it on the live branch.

Instructions for switching to beta versions on Steam can be found here.

We have set up a new bug tracker for Don’t Starve that can be found here.

Please check it out and let us know any issues that you run into. 

The acronym in parentheses at the end of each change/bug fix refers to which DLCs this change/bug fix is applied to:

  • Base: the vanilla game, no DLCs.
  • RoG: Reign of Giants.
  • SW: Shipwrecked.
  • HAM: Hamlet.
  • ALL: all of the above
  • Added inspection lines for bee box stages (ALL).
  • The Fryfocals fire rate has been lowered a bit, based on other weapons (ALL).
  • Lazy Explorer can no longer be spammed and has its own effects (ALL).
  • Monkey houses will release all monkeys when set on fire (ALL).
  • Houndius Shootius will no longer target others Houndius Shootius (ALL).
  • Some minor changes to the mods screen text positions/colors (ALL).
  • Many popups now support the cancel key to close them (“ESC” by default) (ALL).
  • Players can now collect, pick up items, craft and load weapons while mounted on beefalos (ALL).
  • Deployables can now be placed from a tiny distance (SW, HAM).
  • Wood Fence, Wood Gate, Mini Sign and Feather Pencil now floats (SW, HAM).
  • The Volcanic and Ancient crafting tabs will be both available when using the Brain of Thought hat on non-Hamlet compatible saves (SW).
  • Map-exclusive recipes are now learned when prototyped and thus available for crafting on other maps (SW, HAM).
  • Some staffs can now cast on land while the player is sailing (SW, HAM).
  • Added distance to the placement of wood fences and gates, like walls (SW, HAM).
  • The Fire Packim Baggims will no longer attack monster characters, like Webber (SW).
  • Packim Baggims will not trigger spider webs and will not be slowed by them (SW).
  • The gas mask now applies a special voice effect (HAM).
  • The Root Trunk UI is now in the screen’s center, like other chests (HAM).
  • Sprinkler Pipes don't block placement anymore (HAM).


Bug Fixes
  • Minor corrections to the Chinese translation (ALL).
  • Fixes some craft tab popup’s alignments and an issue with the tabs layering (ALL).
  • Clicking "random" in character selection now no longer shows the random character (ALL).
  • The weather pain’s tornado now ignores spider webs while moving (RoG, SW, HAM).
  • The torch can set mobs on fire as intended now (Base, RoG).
  • Fixes not being able to feed beefalos with twigs (Base).
  • Deerclops will no longer spawn so early in winter (RoG).
  • Fireflies can no longer be captured during the day with the action key (Base, RoG).
  • Ground-shaking attacks (Bearger, Thumper, etc) will no longer damage the same mob multiple times (Base, RoG).
  • Fixes a crash caused by using weather pain or explosives on sunken relics, fireflies and others (RoG, SW, HAM).
  • Added Wee MacTusk missing loot and fixes a crash related to Navigadget (ALL).
  • Fixes a rare bug that caused Pig and Wildbore houses’s light to stay on during the day (ALL).
  • Hovering over entities with separate parts (fish farms, farms, wood gates, aporkalypse calendar) will apply the whitish effect to all parts (ALL).
  • Mobs that deal reflective damage when attacked (jellyfish, charged volt goat, etc) no longer do damage when attacked with ranged attacks (ice/fire staffs, fry goggles, etc) (RoG, SW, HAM).
  • Fixes an issue where the character's portrait was not loaded correctly, displaying Wilson, when using the ESC key to go back from the world details popup (RoG, SW, HAM).
  • The poop position when it is pooped by mobs (beefalo, koalefant, etc) will come out on the back of the mob now (ALL).
  • Fixes mobs getting heat from nearby things and starting to burn if it was previously extinguished (RoG, SW, HAM).
  • Character-exclusive structures will drop their loot when broken/deconstructed by another character (ALL).
  • Beeswax will now melt properly. (RoG, SW, HAM).
  • The farm placement view will now show its decorations and not just the soil (ALL).
  • Werepigs/wildbores will not revert to normal at day time if the cause of the transformation was not a full moon (ALL).
  • Mobs can now unfreeze by heat properly (ALL).
  • Fixes Moleworm being able to be picked up without being stunned in some situations (ALL).
  • Boomerangs caught mid-air (Eye Plant, Lazy Forager) will no longer act as if they were still in the thrown state (ALL).
  • Removes collision upon death for some mobs and prevents them from sliding over the ground on death animation (ALL).
  • Farm crops will no longer wither when protected by Ice Flingomatic (RoG, SW).
  • Many structures that spawn mobs, after being set on fire and extinguished, will spawn mobs again correctly (ALL).
  • Ghosts will no longer attempt to attack Mandrakes (ALL).
  • Ghosts will no longer deal damage while dying (ALL).
  • Fixes a crash related to ghosts (ALL).
  • Extinguishing explosives will interrupt their burning sound (ALL).
  • Foliage is no longer invisible (Base, RoG).
  • The following characters will no longer be invisible on Maxwell's throne: Woodie, Wagstaff, Wheeler, Webber and Wigfrid (ALL).
  • Thumper and Telipad now have their sounds when not used by Wagstaff (ALL).
  • Wes animations will not have a strange symbol in place of the hand (Base, RoG).
  • Unlearnable blueprints will no longer drop (ALL).
  • Crock Pot will now drop everything in its slots when destroyed (ALL).
  • Ice Flingomatic will no longer target Limpet Rocks endlessly (SW).
  • Flup can now respawn correctly (SW).
  • Woodlegs’s hat will no longer spawn treasures when repaired (SW).
  • Flowers can no longer be planted in water and interiors (SW, HAM).
  • Tropical Fan will no longer have the Luxury Fan texture while used on boats (SW, HAM).
  • The Luxury/Tropical Fan now has its sounds while used on boats (SW, HAM).
  • Swordfish will no longer chase its target forever (SW).
  • Doydoy will be able to eat cut grass and twigs as intended (SW, HAM).
  • Teen Doydoy will no longer grow when picked up in certain situations (SW, HAM).
  • Weather pain’s tornado no longer affects items in inventories, such as chopping coconuts (RoG, SW, HAM).
  • Shadow Hand will no longer be prevented from crossing the invisible water’s barrier on shipwrecked worlds (SW, HAM).
  • The in-water surfboard now drops its loot when broken/deconstructed (SW).
  • Poop thrown by Wilbur will no longer have a break effect when thrown into water (SW).
  • Wagstaff will have his special voice effect while sailing (SW, HAM).
  • Dropped fishes will no longer skip the kicking animation (SW, HAM).
  • Added missing dead animation and missing components for fish farm's fishes (SW, HAM).
  • Sealnado will no longer ignore the player if they are too close. (SW).
  • Sealnado will no longer collect irreplaceable items (SW).
  • Properly remove the boat and sail speed bonus when climbing the volcano (SW).
  • The Palm Treeguard's attack range and damage now scale correctly with their size (SW, HAM).
  • Fixed Boat Knight and Palm Treeguard ranged attack from causing a fake hurt sound and activating equipment, such as the vortex cloak (SW, HAM).
  • Volcano lava can no longer be removed with pitchfork (SW).
  • Fixed ambient sound from higher DLCs in lower DLCs. For example: turfs from HAM will have their ambient sounds when placed in SW or RoG maps. (SW, HAM).
  • Mob attacks on Fish Farms are no longer removed after save-load (SW, HAM).
  • Fish farm’s sign no longer overlap the boat (SW, HAM).
  • Properly removes character-unique speed modifiers on world jump (Wilbur debuff, WX-78 overcharge, etc) (SW, HAM).
  • Poison will be cured on world jumping (SW, HAM).
  • The Dragon Egg's impact marks are at ground level now, not showing over other things (SW, HAM).
  • Fruit Medley and Ratatouille can no longer be cooked with fish ingredients (SW, HAM).
  • Fixes the issue of "ghost" ice and hail, not being able to be picked up (SW, HAM).
  • Fixes a problem with Relics being stuck in inventory after loading in SW (HAM).
  • Meat/fish dropped in water will no longer trigger mobs spawn on world loading (SW).
  • Obsidian tools will not lose their charge on world loading (SW).
  • Fish shoals now have their own inspection lines (SW).
  • Fixes Krissure’s bloom only occurring on the first eruption (SW).
  • Tiger Shark jump attack will no longer break/cut things in the player's inventory (SW).
  • Sunken items can properly be retrieved with Trawl Net (SW, HAM).
  • Water Beefalo (Ox) will stop chasing its target if it enters the ocean (outside the mangrove biome) instead of trying to return to the herd and attack at the same time (SW).
  • Added some missing inspection lines in SW compatible worlds (SW).
  • Fixes Snake Den looking fully grown when it is actually withered or chopped down (SW, HAM).
  • Portable Crock Pot now uses the “Place” deploy verb, instead of "Plant" (SW, HAM).
  • The seaweed plant will no longer have a frozen animation when planted (SW).
  • Palm Treeguard and Floaty Boaty Knight attacks will no longer hit shadow creatures (SW, HAM).
  • Gobblers will no longer be able to hide in limpet rocks or coffee bushes (SW, HAM).
  • Flup and Sharkitten will not burn to ashes anymore (like items do). They now also have panicky behavior while burning (SW).
  • Raw Fish will drop cooked instead of turning to ash when a mob that drops it dies while burning (SW, HAM).
  • Flups will no longer be on the surface when you load a world near them (SW).
  • Decreases the occurrence of a rare bug that causes plants and trees to remain in a frozen wind blow animation. (SW, HAM).
  • Saplings now sways normally after being blown by the wind, rather than standing still (SW, HAM).
  • Ice Maker 3000 will not produce more ice than it should when off screen (SW, HAM).
  • Fixes Ice Maker 3000 going partially invisible when hammered. (SW, HAM).
  • Land shadow creatures will no longer reappear over water (SW, HAM).
  • Swimming Horror will no longer teleport to the same spot when hit in lily ponds (HAM).
  • City pigmans, pigmans and wildbores will not gift Wilba every time the game is loaded (HAM).
  • Attempting to load a Pew-Matic Horn that is already full will no longer corrupt the save after save-exit (HAM).
  • Fixes Pew-Matic Horn shoot animation playing in melee attacks if the weapon was never loaded after the save load (HAM).
  • Spider monkeys will no longer infest a new tree on every map load (HAM).
  • Crocodog’s raid world setting now works correctly in Hamlet-compatible saves (HAM).
  • Fixes an inconsistent shadow in Grabbing Vine idle (HAM).
  • Fixes Navigadget showing the last equipment in the unequipping animation (HAM).
  • Smelter will now drop everything in its slots when destroyed (HAM).
  • Fixes load issues with Nettle Plant’s production time (HAM).
  • Fixes some frozen Lotus Plant animations (HAM).
  • Hides some Slanty Shanty's build preview details (snow and boards) (HAM).
  • Corrects the position of one of the lawn decorations in a setpiece present in cities (HAM).
  • Fixes third arm in Werewilba form after some animations (HAM).
  • Each Lawn Decoration now has its own name (HAM).
  • Fixes mouse over selection for Lawn Decorations and Topiaries (HAM).
  • Fixes snow position for Lawn Decorations and Topiaries (HAM).
  • Fixes a crash related to the Root Trunk’s item storage entity being destroyed. (HAM).
  • Shop Keepers will not get stuck on shop pedestals anymore (HAM).
  • Vipers that fall from trees will target the tree shopper as intended (HAM).
  • Sprinkler Pipes don't block the Sprinkler mouse over after load anymore (HAM).
  • Pig Fiesta will no longer last forever after save-load. This fix will be applied to existing worlds as well. (HAM).
  • Pig Fiesta will end if a new aporkalypse begins (HAM).
  • The effects of hay fever will not take 200 days to disappear if the first aporkalypse happens in the lush season.
  • Temperate season will not always be the season at the end of the aporkalypse, which used to happen after save-load (HAM).
  • Things will no longer spawn too close to water in Hamlet’s world generation (HAM).
  • Glowfly will no longer cocoon near water, preventing Rabid Beetle from spawning in water (HAM).
  • Added missing animation on open Cork Chest (HAM).
  • When cutting down or burning down Piko's tree, he will now try to find another home (HAM).
  • Piko will no longer steal unrecoverable items, such as Lucy or teleportato parts (HAM).
  • Fixes Life Giving Amulet not showing up in the resurrection animation for Wilba (HAM).
  • Fixes the player getting pushed when dying in Hamlet compatible worlds (HAM).
  • Fixes an issue with Seaworthy or Skyworthy placed on volcano or in caves (HAM).
  • Werewilba will no longer make a shovel sound when digging something (HAM).
  • Feijoada can no longer be cooked without meat if one of the Bean Bugs is cooked (HAM).
  • Platapine and Poison Dartfrog will no longer become invisible when frozen (HAM).
  • Wormwood can no longer catch fire while using Living Artifact (HAM).
  • Wormwood will perform its special animations when fertilizing itself and crafting a living log while on a boat (HAM).
  • Eating Poison Dartfrog Legs or Tubers while wearing Seashell Suit or Horned Helmet now correctly poisons the player (HAM).
  • Fixes a crash caused by Firecrackers ignited inside containers (HAM).
  • Brambles will no longer spawn so close to water (HAM).
  • Fixes Wx-78’s overcharge sound not playing on Hamlet compatible worlds (HAM).
  • Setting Vampire Bats to "never" in world settings now prevents them from spawning in all situations (HAM).
  • Queen Womant’s loot will no longer get stuck on her throne (HAM).
  • Added missing lost relic’s textures when retrieved for "The Blue Sow" and "The Jeweled Truffle” (HAM).
  • Fixed a non-looping Reeds animation (HAM).
  • Pig City will now correctly give naughtiness points when killed (HAM).
  • Hamlet interiors fixes (HAM):
    • Fixes hurricane storms resetting after entering and exiting an interior (HAM).
    • Resurrect between interiors and exteriors now works correctly. For example: dying in Hamlet and resurrecting inside an interior in Shipwrecked. (HAM).
    • Fixes Portable Crock Pot and Smelter’s light always on when in an interior (HAM).
    • Fixes a crash related to burnt Crock Pots in interiors (HAM).
    • Fixes a crash related to building interior doors with the action key (space bar by default) (HAM).
    • All interior crafts can now be correctly positioned with the action key (HAM).
    • Hedges, fences and sandbags will no longer be visually angled wrongly when leaving an interior (HAM).
    • It is no longer possible to place deployables inside interior walls (HAM).
    • Prevents loot from getting stuck inside interior walls (HAM).
  • Iron Hulk pieces fixes (HAM):
    • They will no longer attempt to use the jump attack if their target is in water (HAM).
    • Fixes the light staying on sometimes when they deactivate (HAM).
    • They will now look in the direction they will fire their laser attack (HAM).
  • Destroyed city structures fixes (HAM):
    • Will have their correct inspection lines.
    • They will not get an invalid name after reloading the world (or just exist in the case of Topiaries) and didn't become invisible after the second world reload.
  • Tamed beefalo fixes:
    • Fixes many actions that made the character invisible and frozen (ALL).
    • Weather pain and Lazy Explorer cast animations will no longer use beefalo's attack animation (ALL).
    • Prevents the player from remounting right after being thrown away (ALL).
    • The player will perform the sneeze, poison and cold animations properly (ALL).
    • The height of the player's quotes is adjusted with its height (ALL).
    • Meele attacks no longer use the equipped weapon (durability and damage) (ALL).
  • Mini sign fixes:
    • The mouse now tries to ignore mini signs. Solving the issue with mini signs and chests in the same place (ALL).
    • Will no longer draw the utility "shelf_slot" entity (HAM).
    • Can now be only drawn with nearby items, as intended (ALL).
    • Can no longer be placed on water (SW, HAM).
  • Lazy Forager fixes:
    • Can no longer pick up sunken relics and stuck them in the player's inventory (HAM).
    • Has its own visual effects (ALL).
    • Items taken from a stack will visually come from the stack and not from a random position on screen (ALL).
  • Bundle Wrap Fixes:
    • Can now be used while sailing (SW, HAM).
    • Improved animation timing, added sounds and effects (ALL).
    • Floating bundles and wax paper on non-Hamlet saves will no longer be invisible (SW).
    • Does not allow irreplaceable items to be packaged (ALL).
    • Can now be unwrapped when on ground (SW, HAM).
    • Fixes the position in which the items come/go from the container on the screen (ALL).
    • Items will no longer fly away from the bundle when you open it (ALL).
    • It now has its own wrapping animation (ALL).
  • Fryfocals fixes:
    • The projectile will come out of the glasses when using it mounted on a beefalo (ALL).
    • Shock damage caused by using it while wet will no longer be doubled (ALL).
    • Will use the correct attack animation while sailing (SW, HAM).
  • Wood fences/gates fixes:
    • Can no longer be placed in water in non-Hamlet worlds (SW).
    • Added the missing texts for opening, closing and placing (ALL).
    • Will not have their drops doubled after being broken by charged obsidian tools (SW).
    • Improved positioning preview accuracy (ALL).
  • Telebrella fixes:
    • On the last use, it will only disappear after the teleportation animation ends (ALL).
    • Fixes player bloom and shadow in teleport animation (ALL).
    • The boat will not visually disappear on teleport anymore while on a boat (SW, HAM).
  • Trees fixes:
    • Tree seeds, after being set on fire and extinguished will no longer be automatically planted (ALL).
    • Birchnut and tea tree stumps will no longer become non-flammable when the player moves away from them (RoG, HAM).
    • Vipers will drop from Cocooned trees, instead of normal snakes, when the tree is set on fire (HAM).
  • Tuber tree fixes (HAM):
    • The bloom will remain after save-load if any tubes have already been collected.
    • The amount of tubes will be visually applied after the save-load.
    • Fixes some crashes with stumps and burnt trees trying to bloom.
    • Can now be collected after save-load if any tubes have already been collected.
    • Now swings normally after being hit.
    • Fixes the bloom not ending at the end of the lush season in some cases.
Notes for Modders:
  • The icon_atlas in a recipe tab with multi-tab support will be used in the multi-tab now (HAM).
  • SGdungbeetle is now accessible via the AddStategraphPostInit function (HAM).
  • New console commands were added.
  • Added autocomplete feature for console commands.
  • Updated some data definitions to be mod friendly, accessible by these new files:
  • trawlnet_loot_defs;
  • slotmachine_loot_defs;
  • pig_shop_defs;
  • pig_trades_defs.

This update will first be made available on PC, but we’ll working on getting this out to other platforms as well.

We've setup a new bug tracker for Don’t Starve, so feel free to report them on the Bug Tracker! Please make sure to be specific and clear in your bug reports including which DLCs are enabled.

Please focus on bugs and feedback for this beta for now. We will be looking at additional feedback after this beta for an additional QOL update in the future and we'll update with more details about that in the future.

Have fun!

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Wow, exciting move. The solo has been completely dated for years, it will be a pleasure to see it approach the current state of "Together", which is still a mirror, disregarding the substantial differences.

Now, there's a question: is the old craft bar on 'solo' a choice or is it in the plans for the new one to arrive? :wilson_vforvictory:

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7 minutes ago, Canis said:

Oh right, this game exists.

Building on this now that I've actually read the post. When yall say a potential QOL update, would it be aiming at Hamlet? The DLC as a whole has felt pretty lackluster in terms of progression, consequences for actions, etc etc.

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1 minute ago, Theukon-dos said:





Like, Bug fixes! Great! Love them. But I think most of the people here where under the impression that Don't Starve was done and dusted. Feels really weird to come back and do a metric butt ton of bug fixes like this.

because its nice wen developers think of the other people who enjoy ds and its content but keep dying or getting stuck to bug fixes even if no new stuff is still being added its good that thay still think of the people playing this and there old games 

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1 minute ago, mayotais said:

because its nice wen developers think of the other people who enjoy ds and its content but keep dying or getting stuck to bug fixes even if no new stuff is still being added its good that thay still think of the people playing this and there old games 

I mean sure, it is great. But it's also been literal years since the game got an update. Hell, Don't Starve doesn't even have a section on the game updates page anymore. And didn't have a bug tracker, apparently.


Hmmm. Me thinks that they might be planning something... Come to think of it, we are running up on the 10 year anniversary for Don't Starve's official release.

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9 minutes ago, Theukon-dos said:

Like, Bug fixes! Great! Love them. But I think most of the people here where under the impression that Don't Starve was done and dusted. Feels really weird to come back and do a metric butt ton of bug fixes like this.

Cause while DST is the one getting content upgrades, solo DS still has its own exclusive stuff (like story mode and the DLCs) so its nice to just give them a big QOL addressing the biggest bugs and glitches and calling it a day.

Don't gotta add anything new, but its still nice to get rid of major flaws for anyone who wants to dip their toes into that experience again. "Abandoning" it as bugless as possible is ideal

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A Great patch! for Singleplayer version of the game.

Wish it was also 64-bit update seeing like so trying it with some heavy mods eats up the memory very quickly and its very frustrating when it crashes during saving due running out of memory. But I cannot ask for everything.

Overall... It is good to see Singleplayer Don't Starve getting patched!


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