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  1. Joe covered the details that needed to be, but yeah, the removal of monetization from mods is mainly for 2 things: 1) The fact that mods rest on the operation of another game. It's a blurry line of copyright and other legality things, but since the mod is technically built on top of another thing (by nature of being a mod) monetizing it creates a 'questionable' source of profit that goes through the main game. This isn't to say mod makers aren't working hard and creating some really, really good content- but its because of this association between someone else's copyright and the 'additional' piece that make monetization fall into a legally questionable place. This is why, and yeah, its a bit of lip service- but in legal speak lip service makes all the difference, monetization like donations are very carefully implemented as a strictly for-creator-effort thing. It turns it from "im paying for this thing that's in someone else's game" to "Im paying for someone's hard work that I like" which can make all the difference. As I said before, its this reason that fangames are always free, and if they do let you donate its always very carefully a "this is just for me as a creator and has nothing to do with the game at all :)" on a surface level they are the same, but avoiding linking income with the product you don't own makes a big difference. 2) Lack of regulation. Theoretically, it is ultimately the choice of the buyer if they want to invest in these paid-for mod perks. However another reason these aren't really good things for games without official storefront systems is because it is hard to regulate them and how they behave- which can still shine poorly on the owners of the original IP/original game- regardless of if they have anything to do with it. If Myth Worlds was to say, scam people (and I'm not saying they are or are bad, just theoretical), that still shines badly on Klei for being a vector for it and Klei has no ability to evoke repercussions. Technically not their fault, but still a bad look from the POV of many. Honestly, all myth worlds likely really needs to do is either make their skins solely time-locked with their own little internal system, removing the monetization system. If they really want to get paid for their work they just have to make it a donation system that doesn't link directly to the mod. You get less profit that way by nature (because people want things) but people do like supporting hard work and not making a profit is just something you kinda have to accept when making fanwork that links to another product in this way. Its the same reason why merch artists are asked not to mass-produce charms and only do limited runs of them.
  2. Modders, in theory, should not be profiting from their mods directly- aka, ingame mod purchases, asking for funds to add features, etc- These are things that are basically 100% against the rules and not intended. There are some blurrier lines- for example someone whos a prolific modder might have a donations page linked somewhere for people to support their work. On the surface this seems very similar to ingame mod purchases, but is actually generally seen as something perfectly fine to do because you're donating to support the creator, and not the mod directly. This is the same reason why fangames made for things usually always make the game free, even if there is an option to "support the devs" But the problem im talking about is really about implementation- even when things are against the rules, actually enforcing them can be very difficult. The monetization of the mod in-game, if on platforms like steam, can easily result in it's removal. But that doesn't delete the mod from existence, and it would still be usable with some tech skill and a different download link. The money payment runs through a QR and chinese storefronts, and arguing that those are invalid (from a legal standpoint to get them taken down on those sites) is a lot harder. That's why I said putting such infringements behind the right number of layers can make doing anything about it difficult, even if Klei knows about it and wants to. And because these things can be very messy, if Klei does take action they wouldn't announce the details of it unless they absolutely needed too.
  3. While I agree its worthwhile to bring such concerns forward, when it comes to legality and also potentially stepping-in on infringements like this devs (and I can personally confirm Klei telling me similar when reporting a different issue, basically just "Thanks, I won't speak more on this for legal reasons") don't want to make their actions public. Another thread on a similar topic was likely closed without response so that it could be reviewed and responded too internally without drawing to much attention to both any corrective measures or the offending party. This is, almost certainly an infringement of something, but I think the most that can be done is the removal of the mod from particular upload sources such as steam. Putting things like this under the right number of layers can make taking action difficult.
  4. I don't think the concept of public servers need to be done away with and as highlight above- you can't always tell when and where developers are or aren't working on something- not everything goes public! Not everything that's been in one state for a long time has been forgotten either, nor can solutions get worked on the second they get proposed, even when a whole team is on board. Stuff is complex on the developer side. What I was gonna say is that the public servers might need some customized tools and boundaries that player servers don't. As-is they operate (on a technical side, anyway) basically the same as any unmodded player servers, which is probably at their detriment when they have the 'official' title. Whereas in my experience (which admittedly is limited) these things general have some sort of unique mechanics to them in order smooth out the experience and prevent messy, chaotic operations being associated with the devs- something probably lacking here because the idea of public servers launched real early and you really can't predict these things. I don't think anyone would complain if the servers got rehauled entirely to better cover their weakness, or even had some features implemented for world management exclusive to them (Although i have no clue how complicated something like that might be). Little by little adjustments, like Joe noted at above, are also great for when you know some things you can fix up but don't have a solid idea on what to do about the whole. It's a lot to fix but a lot to fix doesn't mean you have to throw the whole thing out. Also do think it's unfair to pretend as if the devs couldn't give a damn or are actively hostile to the idea of change when sometimes they just can't speak on the details of anything and everything they do or discuss.
  5. If beefalo were to be milkable, you could definitely limit or complicate it in some way to make it work better, like having it take a cut of domestication or something so that it's not something you can really keep doing if you aren't actively taking care of and managing your beefalo, or maybe it gives a smaller dairy portion than you get from a volt goat. Maybe the beefalo just damn don't like it and have a chance to attack you for even trying/trying to soon after doing it once and not waiting for the cooldown properly. That said, beefalo do have a lot going for them already, and I wouldn't mind the idea of mob "domestication" being expanded a bit or for alternative milk sources. More ways to get things so that you don't always have to do it one way are fun, and if that's goat domestication or vegan milks or whatever. Milk is supposed to be a somewhat limited item, but there plenty of ways you could still make it require effort while making it more assessible as a whole.
  6. I adore the saladmanders and the wobsters... so much so i always play with a mod that just adds a pet mini wobster. its my friend
  7. Long time no DS art- was busy! Added a very purple Webber to the collection to get back into the groove (also learned my computer does not like purples)
  8. The Tams sanity impact is meant to be high payoff due to the relative rarity of the mobs and dropping them. That of course means that with time you can certainly build up a collection, but you have to be prepped for regular walrus killing or at least remember to use the sewing kit. Is it the perfect balance choice? Maybe not, but it's not like its super super easy to obtain. I don't mind the suggestion of more visual changes to the world in low sanity, especially since that could add some flair to the environment for those who need to turn the visual effects of sanity off. Plus I just find them fun. I also wouldn't mind more mobs with the rabbit mechanic where drops and look change, especially if Klei was to get creative with it and make the two sanity drop pools more interesting than "meat vs. nightmare fuel" cause it could be really fun to have mobs that encourage actively manipulating the sanity state depending on what you want to farm from them. Drop rate changes could be a real fun hidden effect- like maybe elemental hounds drop gems more frequently if killed in low sanity. Maybe insanity birds will always drop seeds for weeds? Stuff like that. However, changing previously positive sources like flowers to evil flowers I don't really agree with- stuff like the flowers are supposed to be beginner-friendly sanity sources. Sanity absolutely is plenty deadly for people weaker in the combat aspects of the game, especially when shadow count gets overwhelming because they aren't really mobs you can just run away from until they de-aggro if you aren't doing anything to fix the situation. If you make too much of the world hostile to deal with it just becomes harder for the unprepared and a bigger annoyance to avoid engaging with. You know what I do want though? More variety in the sanity monsters. Wavey Jones has some really 'fun' boat mechanics, but land only really has a shadow equivalent. More variety in the minor annoyance mechanics (maybe tossing junk out of chests or something?) or mobs that aren't hostile but have some sort of other mechanic in how they interact with the player would be fun. Like maybe immobile mobs that will spawn around the player's location and have a big insanity aura, to keep you moving.
  9. I think a health scaling mechanic would be nice, as long as its one that is: 1) Toggleable, and I would leave it off on a server by default. But it would be something you could turn on for smaller/less experienced groups or solo play if you think it would be better. But you would still originally have the non-scaled version first and foremost, so that players coming into the game can see how its going to be most of the time, and then can modify it to their liking to learn. 2) Bosses were all adjusted with their own custom modifiers, so that how they scale can be more balanced than just a blanket percent modification. That way you can still keep the overall feeling of the boss without having it just be an extra-large damage sponge.
  10. Unfortunately Wilba is in an awkward spot where her DLC focus (Hamlet perks and werepigism) overlap heavily with two other survivors: Woodie and to a less-refined degree Wurt. If you build on her as a more developed Hamlet thing the Wurt players (a paid character, no less) are gonna feel super shafted and the werepig thing, while distinct from Woodie's, would also be wishy-washy and wouldn't feel great as a stand-alone perk. Given that, I'd much rather Wurt's hamlet-esque mechanic get ironed out rather than introduce a character with an upgraded version of an old character's mechanic. I really feel like there is no way to bring Wilba specifically in without reworking her to be well... not Wilba. Overall though, given where Wurt stands, I don't think a Pig-based character has much to offer. I do love non-human playable characters though and Klei's have been DELIGHTFUL little guys. I'd love to see more and if they could thing of something off the walls for a pig than sure, maybe, but a pig-themed pig character just feels like its been split up already. Id sooner want the shipwrecked monkey.
  11. Everyone always complains about the bee thing, "why is this child allergic to bees" they say. Frankly, someone who does a lot of research with bugs, every, 90% of the population claims to have some sort of bee allergy. I think Klei should make MORE characters allergic to bees. Wilson should be allergic to gluten too. Ya know... for realism
  12. Wurt's drowning perk great for people like me who can't drive a boat worth a damn and are split 50/50% on if they will be perfectly fine or launch it into a rock at 70 mph and shatter it. ... of course theres boat patches, and yet. So in that sense shes a very 'safe' character for people who don't know the ocean's well.
  13. I love Wurt dearly and the first time you really get to use her she feels really cool. It was will fun for me to gather merms and do a whole bunch of chores but once you use her a bit some pretty big things stick out in regards to the QoL of using her, such as the tediousness of the king or how easy is to lose merms or the lack of indication for when merms decide to leave you. She really needs, at minimum, a big QoL update in regards to the merm mechanics. Even little things like that could go a long way to making her more fun and reasonable. A lot of people here have been talking about giving her more merm mechanics and while I don't think those are bad ideas, I much more think I'd like them to play up her sort of city-building and merm development mechanic. That's more interesting and neat mechanic to me, and makes for a fun a gimmick. But as is her merm houses are expensive and largely underwhelming for the effort you put into them, especially if you have a well-populated swamp. She wants to make a kingdom!!! Let her!!! I considered the idea of being able to build contracts via the king that allowed you to upgrade craftsmerm houses into more specialized merms. It would be costly overtime, but in that way you could first build the king, and the houses, and then change the default merms as you see fit. I considered things like a "Farmerm" who could tend plants as long as the crops were planted within a certain range, which would help with acquiring more food for the king solo (but with less effectiveness). More job-oriented merms could have combat oriented nerfs. In this way you could build your own little merm hamlet! But maybe thats a little too unique... but I still like the idea.
  14. I love wormwood and they're in a pretty solid place, the farming update came with some good changes and now they're the king over food overproduction with minimum effort for those who want a diet more varied than meatballs. That said, wormwood's personal tab feels almost... pathetic. One of if not the first characters to have their own little craftables and most of them just aren't that great or interesting. That tab could really use a second glance. Personally wouldn't mind a wormwood-crafted weapon that acts similar to the batbat and heals on hit so that people using the character for the first time could get use to no food-healing easier by rewarding good combat. Things like autoreset on the brambles or maybe even a slow expansion mechanic (Like how the brambles in Hamlet would spread over the map, just limited in range) could make some of the tools more neat to use. (Also god replacing the compost wrap nitre with actual compost or something)
  15. The only time I've actually summoned krampus was because I was having my beefalo kill butterflies for ornery trait. Ultimately heard the hiss and went "oh this would be fun" and spawned it just to make the beefalo kill them too. Funny enough I got the krampus sack on my play around world the first time I fought Krampus properly. Maybe that was my good behavior reward lmao. Bunnyman I don't care about. I'll try to avoid triggering their aggro but most of the time I just forget and get attacked anyway. Curious, what's your thesis/topic if you dont mind sharing? I assume something about if negative consequences deter certain player behaviors?