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  1. if the paddle comes because pengulls spawned, you wont be able to destroy it until spring.
  2. when you bring a plant from a place to another (this include dimensions) the plants will mostly die or became a pest, this is why the plants reproduce (create bananas) even in winter, it is literally a pest in the constant.
  3. Lets wait and see if wagstaff sees the situation of woodie and 'helps' him to control his curse (not with second intentions like giving him an extra blueprint to an item that prevents woodie to transform in the moonstorm, and then woodie having a easier time helping wagstaff)
  4. When you equip shield of terror and unequip, it will do the animation normally, but if you equip shield of terror and after equip another hand item, every time you unequip the shield of terror, instead of showing the animation of unequipping shield of terror, it will show the animation of unequipiing that one previously item, even tho that item is not anymore in your inventory.
  5. i play almost always as wanda, she literally have only two big weakness, temperature and health (temperature is deadly dangerous for her and to deal damage she needs to stay 1 step from death), so yeah, if you forget these 2 things, her upsides are quite strong, high damage, teleport, revive friends, dodging (dfly, shadow bishop, bishops in general, fuelweaver cage, etc). But i wont lie, sometimes i play as others character just to have fun, like wormhood, wolfgang, wx, etc.
  6. I am not playing solo these days, i mostly paying in klei public endless servers, so for me the most rare resource is mandrake, people eat or use pan flute until it breakes ;-; but for you is very easy to fix your problem, try going to dfly desert and harvest some tumbleweeds, if you have luck, you will get grass, twigs and trinkets, maybe even some gears or gems (it is rare but it is possible) i guess your world is one that spawn with lots of geckos, but unfortunatelly these guys tend to die for most of ceratures in the constant, so in a long term world they are very bad since they will be probably all dead in day 200+, so you will have to go in caves collect grass or get grass in tumbleweeds, if you wait until june 30th, you will be able to farm grass with the unnatural portal too XD.
  7. bruh, you dont solve problems swaping characters, nothing against people who do this, but im trying to never swap characters again in servers, i was that guy who change characters for anything, now i trying to use the character that I selected in his/her full potential, swaping characters is an addiction that i regret getting.
  8. press I or click in the character head, that thing next to the head slot my bad, i thought i was in general discussion, i am almost sure this is not what are you searching for, sorry.
  9. firstly, i am not a woddie main, and the last time i played him, i didnt like so much the transformations every full moon, because you drop your hand and head item, even if i transformed into weregoose, i didnt want to leave my walking cane on the ground because i feared dont remembering where it was, also the fact u become woodie again with 0 hunger, it was very sad having 150 of hunger and in just a moment having 0. also, I couldnt use his weremoose form to fight very wel (the 0,9x speed is very hard to kite, and the same for charging, it was very hard for me to properly use charging to dodge), otherwise, weregoose was very good to ocean exploration, and werebeaver wanst that good for me, since werebeaver dont spawn tree guards, and i need living logs to craft dark swords, and in the process of spawning tree guards I also get lots of wood. so yeah, i hadnt reason to use weremoose neither werebeaver (my bad if these two forms are actually good and the problem is my skill issue) so, not so long ago, a person entered in the carrot bunch (endless server), and the server was with the moonstorm event activated and he/she chose woodie, then, that woodie died so many times, due to starvation until he/she left the server after many deaths. Unfortunatelly, I couldnt help that woodie, i was far away from the pĆ³rtal and i was doing the wagstaff task in spring with heavy rain. After this big text (and lots of grammar mistakes XD) I was curious about how you woodie mains survive the moonstorm event where every night is a full moon, and how do you kill celestial champion? the transformation in the middle of the fight isnt bad? or is it good?
  10. this will be an very good update, i really liked it.
  11. i like klei public servers, specifically endless klei public servers, my first experience was kinda strange, because it was an 500 days world that never suffered from griefing, so i thought this was the normal, no griefing in endless public servers, but unfortunately, my first experience was not the normal, after an update the server restarted and we started to play in a new world and in that world I find out that griefers were a thing and there is no adm to help (yes, i was just playing and never thought about why there is no adm in klei servers or an command to call one (because there is no adm XD)), so our 800 days world was griefed a lot of times, and in the final days there were just me playing in the server, so i decided to do not make a base. I guess the griefers saw that no one were reconstructing the base, so they regenerated to world, just to clarify, it is just my personal opinion about what happened, I was not there when the server was regenerated neither when it was griefed (i only saw griefing by myself one time in that server, and i recorded it, I even posted it on the forum lol). So yeah, after finding out klei public servers dont have moderation, i just accepted this fact and play without building many things, i just do a minimalist base with only the essential, because if someone grief, i will be able to make another base easily. I dont want klei servers to be moderated neither be changed, they are good. Btw, I saw an good idea in the forum, that klei could add wilderness servers with pvp on. I would like to see the chaos and people fighting, burning, making factions, etc. It would be cool to have this kinda experience since i never played dont starve with pvp on.
  12. i cant wait to the update arrive and go steal some boats for personal use (if klei doesnt give it as Loyal or let us buy with money) XD btw, now we can expect more boat skins in the future?!
  13. what about making possible to put telelocator focus in boats again since this bug was fixed?
  14. can you tell me what is the name of the mod that shows the seeds with the plants?
  15. hello, when you are going to transform back into your character and you are burning, the game will crash, i tried this because something happenend when i became wonkey while burning, so i tried to reverse and the game crashed. the image above is what showed for me when I gave banana to the queen to remove the curse while burning. the imagine above is what happened when I became wonkey while burning. my life didnt go down, but it was showing as it were dropping fast. btw, i loved the beta, mainly the docks and having bananas in no-caves worlds, also, i loved that there are an efficient way to farm light bulbs, also the fact that gears seems to be reneable in surface (not sure if the unnatural portal spawned more broken machinary or if it was impression of mine) also if you guys can touch it, the light around the unnatural portal seems to be minor than the actual protection against charlie, you can still see your character, but your sanity is going down and charlie tries to attack you even tho you are in light, the light from unnatural portal works if you are near the portal itself, but wont if your are in the border.