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  1. Yay, can finally hear the beautiful sound the void bag makes.
  2. I tried to use Bearger, Gestalts, eating a mandrake, and cooking a mandrake to fall asleep but, I was unsuccessful. I just stayed in the drowsy state for a bit. Could you elaborate more on how you were able to do it?
  3. Wickerbottom's idle animation from the back looks fine when not holding anything, but kind of derps out once you are holding something. She could just have a third arm or is very flexible.
  4. Wickerbottom obtains a Fiery Pen from extinguishing stuff with the pyrokinetics explained book. If you extinguish a large amount of objects on fire, the fiery pen will reach a percentage above 100% that is not shown, but allows for more uses. I don't know if this is intended or not.
  5. Wickerbottom will attack her allied grumble bees without having to use force attack. I don't know if this is intended or not, but it makes it more difficult to use them to fight when they are usually closer to you than other enemies sometimes.
  6. Definitely like all these suggestions. If we do or don't get the grass gators can we at least use Woby to swim in Shoal Water zones, please? I know not all dogs swim, but I think Woby can handle it.
  7. I am not sure if this is a bug or intentional, but basically the sunfish gives off light when on the ground and doesn't give off light when in someone's inventory. If this is intentional, would it be an issue if it worked like a heated thermal stone since they give off light on the ground and when it is in someone's inventory?
  8. Thanks for pushing this out. Always nice that you guys are committed to fixing things even if it is later in the night.
  9. Oh nice. This looks so much better than what it was initially. Thanks for sharing.
  10. It is definitely an... interesting item. I would like it to be a bit easier to access since consistently farming bottles is not a thing, relies entirely on luck. I actually tried using it for a bit, because it was taking me about an entire season to get the deep ocean seasonal fish to spawn (and still no luck), so honestly haven't touched it since. Would be interesting if they decided to make it a recipe instead and it could require using barnacles or other materials dropped/collected from the Sea Weeds, since they produce their own "fish food" anyways. And if they don't want to change the cost, well can we at least have it only spawn the seasonal fish when used in the correct water source?
  11. The piggyback still covers the circuits when you are not using integrated backpack layout. Krampus Sack still covers it a bit, but is decent enough to see when the first circuit is charged, unlike the piggyback.
  12. Whenever I host a world without a caves, I am able to equip the krampus sack, skinned as the void bag, and hear the sound the void bag makes in Terraria when you use it. But, when I try this on a server with caves enabled, it just makes the same sound when equipping a normal krampus sack. I am curious if others can confirm this too, just to know that it isn't only on my end. I know that other Terraria items, such as the Terraprisma and the Paint Brush, make a Terraria related sound effect in both scenarios, so I am not sure what happened with the void bag.
  13. When a player gets a varglet during a hound wave and they are near a coast, sometimes the varglet will spawn on water (since hounds can spawn in water while swimming). Varglets are unable to reach players on land since they do not have a swimming and leaving water animation like hounds, which prevents them from going anywhere except wherever there is water.