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Share your Luckies (or Unluckiest) Moments in Don't Starve Together

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doing the lunar altar event on day 11th and activating archives on a pub server. it was one of my luckiest ruin rushes with wigfrid as well! I got lucky with so many things all at once that sometimes i still can't believe that i, with my poor memory and bad timing, actually did it lol

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Recently I tested out Wortox in a solo world (never really played as him thoroughly before) and by around day 8 -10 I got a Krampus sack from the first spawned Krampus in that world. Later, around the last days of winter I went sailing to map out the nearby waters and well...20220607224341_1.thumb.jpg.c68f7905de33dc4b645a979a511325cb.jpg

...not only had I randomly based close to the hermit island, but also 3 waterlogged biomes, 2 salt biomes and a group of seaweeds.

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On 6/6/2022 at 10:31 AM, RedTorch28 said:

Perfection at its finest !

Who needs to kill Bee Queen anyway, am i right ?

Especially since Wanda doesn't need jellybeans, which makes it even more delightful.

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When I was completely new to the game, I got an elegant wes skin that I instantly unraveled, and on the same world that I got that skin from a gift on, I got many green and orange gems from tumble weeds but since I didn't know what they are for I just left them to rot.

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This happened to me yesterday I was trying to get my beefalo hat at day 19 before winter. I killed 9 beefalo broke 1 spear and got no horn then I went to the marble set pieces because I had left Chester with all my rocks. I crafted a spear and feed my beefalo all my twigs, went to the savannah to kill more beefalos(this time using my partially tammed hornery beefalo) but It was getting dark and the only thing that I had was a 8% miner hat and I thought it was enough (it wasn't).

My miner hat ran out and I discovered my beefalo doesn't protect me from Charlie. I died and did the walk of shame to the nearest touch stone in the savannah, then hounds started to growl I panicked and rushed to get all my stuff, the hounds spawned just as I saw my stuff on-screen, it was day 20 and a single red hound spawned among other regular hounds, the hounds agroed on the beefalos and I was trying to put to sleep all the mobs as a hound was eatin my stuff. I put the beefalos and hound to sleep but looks like one hound was off screen attacking other beefalo, the red hound stopped eating my pig skin attacked my beefalo and died on top of all my stuff.

I lost 8 living logs 8 compost wrap, 10 boards, 40 grass, 10 papyrus, 20 reds , 40 monster meat , at least 20 big meat, and at least 40 beefalo wool.

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Well, if we're talking entire best/worst luck STORIES, that'd be "Tales of Life and Death".  I've got a few doozies of those, but then so does everybody who's been playing at least a little while. :)  For quick little random luck things...hmmm...

Good Luck:



1.  Drops--I got my first crockpot skin drop ever, right smack on my birthday-- and I'd been wanting a new crockpot for a while then!  I still like to jokingly think of my camp crockpot skin as "Charlie gave me a birthday present".  Hee.

--I got a Wickerbottom elegant in my first Forge chest, for BOTH seasons.  I then went around joking "I think the game is telling me it wants me to play this character..."  (and then my prize for the 2020 Halloween thing was Wickerbottom's full goat costume)
(Gorge too)


Elegant head for a random daily drop...I'll take it!



2. I've gotten gears on the first or second tumbleweed I ever searched, at least like three times...


(my most recent example. Notice I'm not even in a desert.  This tumbleweed went to ME, to be picked.   P)

3. Found the pet den on Day 1...during a challenge when I wasn't allowed to have a pet (or at least, not the one I wanted) for a long-ass time.



(Unfortunately I cut that part of the picture out, but the caption says "day96")

..but during that same challenge, which was a history/civilization-based one, I got this drop:


(claps hands)  Aw, thanks game!  A Roman costume?  For me? Right NOW?  It's like you knew!  :D
(The reason I couldn't have a cat for a while is because cats didn't really start hanging out with humans until we had agriculture, and THAT, wasn't in the very first chapter of the Civ challenge. So yeah.)


4.  (Shipwrecked)  Found a free boat, just floating there, LITERALLY as my current boat was about to finish falling apart:


(ignore Jesus Cat, that's from the Pets mod and how it's compatible with Shipwrecked...KINDA.  XD)


Funny/Weird Luck (inc. some Worldgen Shenanigans)




My favourite example of Worldgen Shenanigans ever--apparently when the Oasis was first added to the game, there was a chance that the game could go "Oh, there's a bunch of birch trees together?  You know what sometimes goes with those?  CATCOON DENS!"  I  haven't seen it happen since, but that's a glitch I honestly don't mind. :)


First time I ever saw the Walking Forest setpiece in person...was in my first-ever desert world.  Lol.


D'awww.  The wormhole and the cave are in love.  :)


I know I'm easily amused sometimes, but I kinda love the fact that the two huge trees are red and yellow, and right next to them, the regular-sized tree is orange.  GENETICS!  : P
(the huge trees are from a mod, obviously.  "Big Birchnuts Together" if anyone's curious.)

Well, they don't come any closer than that!



...unless they do.  : P


Bad/Funny-Bad Luck:




My first interaction with the new Antlion sinkholes did not, um, go so well...


Touchstone in the middle of a deadly clockwork area?  Thanks, game!  You shouldn't have! 
No, really, you shouldn't have.


...I think maybe I picked the wrong direction to sail.  What do you think?


Ah yes, one of  my favourite worldgens ever.  Clockworks, Dragonfly AND spiders--let's just throw everything in here at once!


Welp.  Looks like we're BOTH having a crappy night, Palmguard...

But there've been some actual really bad times...


...such as this time when my 300-day world suddenly reset to Day 1. This is only one of like three times I lost a beloved, long-running world because glitch, not because I played stupidly and died.


Awful message, but BEST.  BACKGROUND PICTURE.  EVER! with it.  The cat is reaching sadly for the fun thing, at the same time I'm being told I can't play the game...


These are all just screenshots of the ones I CAN kinda show in one quick picture (and only including those I already had uploaded here), mind you.  If you want STORIES, we should all head over to "Tales of Life and Death", 'cos that subforum is a hoot.


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One time I got two elegants in a row (it was a night armor skin and Wolfgang magmatic head).

Recently in a multiplayer world I randomly stumbled upon a malbatross and killed him with 1% of the night armor remaining. Then I got insane and barely survived a hit from a terrorclaw (I thought I would be dead for sure).

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