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  1. Trying to spawn grass geckos for 475 days just for a catcoon to kill them on the next one
  2. Best spooder I didn't know what to do for a bg so I tried make this look like a sticker Artblock is awful
  3. I learned about DS around 6-7 years ago from a youtube channel Don'tStarvePL. I remember watching their content religiously, mostly tutorials. All of the videos are gone at this point tho. I'm not completly sure what drawn me to this game so much (either artstyle or atmosphere) but I never wanted a game so much as back then. Sadly my parents were against buying games online so it was out of my reach. But I was determined, trying to get a pirated copy of pocket edition multiple times, each unsuccesful. I'm surprised I didn't download any viruses doing that. But after some time other things came and my interest faded. I remember some stuff popping here and there on my yt recommended when Wortox was added. It wasn't until Webber's rework when I finally decided to buy DST and then DS a few months later. Mostly cuz I realized I have my own credit card now and can actually buy stuff. Needless to say, it was worth to wait those 6 years
  4. I have unintentionally burned down Pearl's island once
  5. Wurt + forest kitcoon cuz they are my friends favourite character and kitcoon respectively
  6. Just a Wurt doodle Backgrounds aren't my strongest point ;w;
  7. My entry for the halloween event I'm quite happy how it came out ^^
  8. Greetings^^ NeedHealing here. I'm fairly new both to the forums as well as the game (well, playing it to be exact). I want to express my appreciation for it through art, even tho DS probably won't be my main focus I will try to drop something here from time to time. Behold my first proper fanart here - Toadstool Wurt. I swear the legs looked fine in the sketch...