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  1. Trying to spawn grass geckos for 475 days just for a catcoon to kill them on the next one
  2. Best spooder I didn't know what to do for a bg so I tried make this look like a sticker Artblock is awful
  3. I have unintentionally burned down Pearl's island once
  4. Wurt + forest kitcoon cuz they are my friends favourite character and kitcoon respectively
  5. Just a Wurt doodle Backgrounds aren't my strongest point ;w;
  6. My entry for the halloween event I'm quite happy how it came out ^^
  7. Greetings^^ NeedHealing here. I'm fairly new both to the forums as well as the game (well, playing it to be exact). I want to express my appreciation for it through art, even tho DS probably won't be my main focus I will try to drop something here from time to time. Behold my first proper fanart here - Toadstool Wurt. I swear the legs looked fine in the sketch...