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  1. and they all come together and cheer when you play games!!! god this is adorable
  2. daaaaamn these capelets are OP. i love the event btw. the games are fun, i love the decorations and the cawnival tree is absolutely GORGEOUS. the crow kids are insanely cute too
  3. hooray for the most viewed topic on these forums!!
  4. i think i've kinda misspoken when i called Alters "design" bad. i do like the idea of a giant eye in the sky, i just think the way klei drew it in the trailer wasn't the best. sorry for being a dummy, i'm really not good at english lol
  5. I personally found myself very underwhelmed with how Klei depicted Alter. Maybe it's my expectations, but i imagined this old eldritch god, that was once worshipped by an ancient civilization, looming and watching over us not like that :/ What do you think?
  6. OH MY GOD YES. that pomegranate thingy looks absolutely adorable, it reminds me of the Pumpkin from Steven Universe :d
  7. i've never actually killed DragonFly, Queen Bee or Fuelweaver. i just really don't like raid bosses
  8. remember their cheeky line in the tags of the axiom visus teaser? can someone check the tags to the EotS trailer?
  9. I genuinely love Pearl as a character and the story behind her and Crab King, but her tasks are just the most boring thing in the world
  10. It was probably the time i set sail to help like 4 people not to die in winter. It was already at the end of autumn, me and this random quiet guy, that was the only person playing with me at that time, built a base at lunar with all the needed resources. Sadly, my teammate had to go, and the exact moment he left, people came flooding in. in the end of autumn. Naturally, they all asked the base destination, (not saying it like it's a bad thing, when it's like day 18 u don;t really have much time to explore the world) and it was weird explaining to them that the only base we have is not on the main land lol. it didn't really seem nice to just set them adrift, so i suggested them to move to my base. They didn't really have that much of a choice: u either try to survive winter with little to no resources or u move to this guys base in the middle of the ocean. I basically planned a whole operation to pick those guys up, got them some food and clothes to heat them up. After we arrived, they all helped to expand the base somehow, by gathering stone fruits and rocks, getting meat from saladmanders or working with the crops. It wasn't really that insane, but it was totally different from my usual game on pubs.
  11. YYYYES edit: really excited for the new RoT update, this teaser pic surely has something to do with mysterious energy! "Summer Solstice" sounds really fun too! and the new dlc character seems reallllyyyy interesting too...? well this aged badly lol. the pic is from hamlet 2019 roadmap btw, i saw some people mistake my post for a teaser from klei and i'm really sorry for that, i really had to link the source in the first place heh.
  12. reading this thread is heartbreaking.
  13. Your reply didn't make it any better, i'm sorry