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  1. the island is just wagtaffs interdimensional dumpster and monkeys just happened to form a civilization around it
  2. doing the lunar altar event on day 11th and activating archives on a pub server. it was one of my luckiest ruin rushes with wigfrid as well! I got lucky with so many things all at once that sometimes i still can't believe that i, with my poor memory and bad timing, actually did it lol
  3. everyone here talking about stalkers weird look reminded me of deerclops from walters' trailer. i don't think the situation here is as bad as with the stalker but still, deerclops here looks a lil funny to me.i still can't really put my finger on it, he's like less creepy and more... floofy and soft? in general looks less threatening then his ingame version.
  4. and they all come together and cheer when you play games!!! god this is adorable
  5. daaaaamn these capelets are OP. i love the event btw. the games are fun, i love the decorations and the cawnival tree is absolutely GORGEOUS. the crow kids are insanely cute too
  6. hooray for the most viewed topic on these forums!!
  7. i've never actually killed DragonFly, Queen Bee or Fuelweaver. i just really don't like raid bosses
  8. remember their cheeky line in the tags of the axiom visus teaser? can someone check the tags to the EotS trailer?
  9. I genuinely love Pearl as a character and the story behind her and Crab King, but her tasks are just the most boring thing in the world