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  1. QOL update report

    i want bundling wrap
  2. QOL update report

    can we tame water beefalos
  3. Looks like it's because she's only allowed to craft it in the shipwrecked world.
  4. yeah I'm new too but a prefab script worth checking out would be ballphin free tuna, or tunacan.lua for shipwrecked. Cause when you interact with it the can deletes itself and gives the player some cooked fish., which sounds fairly similar to the eating idea you want. a chunk of the code looks like this, so maybe this could be a bit helpful: inst.components.useableitem:SetOnUseFn(function(inst) inst.SoundEmitter:PlaySound("dontstarve_DLC002/common/can_open") local steak = SpawnPrefab("fish_med_cooked") GetPlayer().components.inventory:GiveItem(steak) inst:Remove() end) Oh yeah, and for the rotting. I found this in the meats.lua prefab: inst:AddComponent("perishable") inst.components.perishable:SetPerishTime(TUNING.PERISH_FAST) inst.components.perishable:StartPerishing() inst.components.perishable.onperishreplacement = "spoiled_food" Looks like you add the perishable component, and you can set it to replace the perished foods with whatever you want, in your case, a dirty cup