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  1. maybe like a researcher that can collect data on creatures and other things to give some kind of bonus when themselves or nearby players attack/harvest/utilize the researched thing
  2. I just forget about them cause they take so long and then when I finally remember to mine them like half of them have reverted back to stage one and I cry irl
  3. I have a bit of trouble with the blur from wagstaff kind of being physically uncomfortable for me to look at. I know you aren't supposed to play as him like that but just from the small amount of time he has been like that it's been a bit annoying. Plus it doesn't seem to really make a difference in actual gameplay. I was sort of thinking, what if they removed the total screen blur, and instead, whenever wagstaff isn't wearing his goggles, the sprites of objects outside his vision are swapped with a totally random sprite from the game. So if a berry bush was outside of his field of view, he could see it as a pig house, or something. Just an idea, I think it would be really cool
  4. hmmm I think he would be a setup character with lots of different ways to play him. Maybe he could have a hunger meter and needs to keep himself fed somehow, and a sanity meter. His sanity could be affected by different things, like maybe being near the opponent would lower it, and maybe taunting or something would raise it haha. Sanity could spawn nightmare creatures, but EVERY player could be affected by them. Maybe wilson could have a better toolkit for dealing with them or even using them to his advantage somehow. Other than that I would like to see a bunch of craftables that he uses to his advantage
  5. It's a focus on characters from indie games, and Wilson is fairly iconic. I think its definitely a possibility
  6. Because I thought it would be fun to talk about a dont starve rep in a platform fighter like this
  7. Ok lets be real, Wilson will probably not be in smash. But fraymakers is a platform fighter that features exclusively indie reps. It would be so sick to have Wilson (or another dst character) in this game. I would main him for sure. What do you guys think
  8. wendy explores the caves wendydst.mp4
  9. Do you think we will get another update this month?
  10. I don't understand how Maxwell took people into the constant. Cause with Wilson he had to build that elaborate machine, and with Wigfrid she just had to agree to go.