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  1. Do you think we will get another update this month?
  2. I have like 1k combined hours in dst and ds and I still suck
  3. Hey guys, I have an object that I want to face the same way the player is facing. And I'm not quite sure how to do that. I did Transform:SetFourFaced() and set up the anim to have 4 sides, but I'm not sure how to have it mimic the player. Any tips?
  4. Alright guys new one, Lego Don't Starve - The Spider Den If you want to help support it on lego ideas to get it to be a real lego set, click right here, that would be awesome thanks guys
  5. Ok guys I modeled his hair for real this time check it out now
  6. check out my lego deerclops. If you wanna support it on lego ideas you can go hear https://ideas.lego.com/projects/33420e20-2ca3-4628-98ce-277c9d1bb3f4