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  1. awesome time for a wormwood playthrough
  2. After a few days while playing in game birds stop flying down. It seems to happen when I go to the pig city, so maybe it's related to pigeons? Exiting and re-entering the game fixes it for a little while again, but then they stop again
  3. using a spyglass in your slanty shanty instantly crashes the game
  4. I brought a gnat swarm to the hamlet so I could farm rocks, and at dusk it would get attracted to the farmhouse light and create a gnat mound on top of it which I couldnt mine cause the farmhouse was in the way.
  5. wheeler shoots wrong way

    happened to me too. Not sure if it was a coincidence, but it started happening when lush season started, and after it ended I tried a few days later and it worked fine.
  6. awesome work i was feeling guilty playing her for a while there