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[Game Update] - 472802

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Boat Changes

  • Further tweaked the rowing, so rowing in a direction different from your current movement applies the full rowing force.
  • Lowered the top speed of rowing a bit.
    • These two changes should make rowing still awesome for moving in tight spaces, while still giving sails the spotlight for the open seas.
  • Increased the turning speed for boats at lower speeds.
  • Increased the top speed of the basic mast.
  • Decreased the force applied from waves, Malbatross, ect to account for the adjusted boat physics.
  • Lowered the velocity gained when colliding with the world or other objects(when paddling in rivers it should be much more controllable).
  • Increased the speed threshold required to damage the boat a tiny bit.


  • Webber's Webby Whistle now works on Sea Strider Nests.

Bug Fixes

  • Enriched Knobby trees can be chopped down now.
  • Grass Gators team up to defend properly now.
  • Sea Striders have an inventory image.
  • Fixed a potential crash related to Sea Strider movement.
  • Knobby tree art fixed when they are chopped down
  • Updated the transition art for enriched Knobby trees.

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Fantastic update!! Very excited to test the new boat changes, sounds like it's near perfection to me.

Just a small visual suggestion, perhaps the animation for picking the Mossy Vine could be changed from the regular pick animation to this one used when building construction projects(merm king, celestial portal, hermit crab house)?

It'd make more sense since hey! the character needs to reach up a bit high to grab the fig off the vine, :). And it looks a bit odd with the regular picking animation.

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13 minutes ago, Whyro said:

Can you please increase the maximum amount of new turfs a mod can add, that would be an incredible addition for modders. 

Better whole rework of turfs. Because there is lots of mods which are using same IDs for turfs - and adding more will not really solve it. Better would something like unique names...

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Okay, boating is literally perfect now. Like, before this beta it was great, but now it's perfect. Rowing feels really nice and convenient to use, and the increased speed from masts is just amazing, not to mention the new turn speeds. I love this update more than RWYS now.

18 minutes ago, Notecja said:

Because there is lots of mods which are using same IDs for turfs

You can make a function to make sure you get the next available id, of course preferably, I'd like vanilla support for adding new tiles but for now you can do that.

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20 hours ago, Hornete said:

I love this update more than RWYS now.

Heh, I sincerely doubt any existing mechanism in the game can be improved as largely as what RWYS did to farming to trump it's spot as my fave. That said, I'm really glad they are shoving great love to seafaring with this update.

I still hope they tweak the values for Figgy Frogwich first and foremost, and perhaps Fig Stuffed Trunk too. It would honestly be helpful if the devs come out and say they don't intend to change the food values if that is the case so at least we can have a closure on that and stop repeating the same suggestions. I don't recall any dish values being altered in the last 6 years besides the fish ingredient tweaks with HLI to accommodate for different sized fish, which strait up broke some recipes like ceviche.

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