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  1. If this setup is used with interplanetary launcher, I used Radbolt Sensor to be the reset signal since it will fly through the sensor for a single pulse green. The idea is to use the meter value green full signal. For example, when the meter valve count reach 200kg, fire enough radbolt to launcher. The launcher may receive radbolts more than enough after long run, but that can ensure you fire exact size of payloads every time. I have used this setup to fire resupply petroleum payloads to my outer asteroids. You may take the idea and try a different design. Another way I read from forum before is disable the power before reset the gas/liquild/solid meter valve. It may require another type of automation but it is simpler than the edge detection since you have more time to deal with the reset signal.
  2. I think all asteroid should have a neighbor asteroid within 10 tile range. You just need re-supply your small petro rockets after one way trip to another asteroid. I used the small petro rockets in some of my plays for a very long time. Not yet found a asteroid that I can not reach.
  3. Not sure if "Enable Proximity" helps. It helps dupes to choose the closest task first.
  4. Maybe you can build ladder above the unknown area. Try to keep your dupes there and deconstruct the ladders. Make your dupe falling through the unknown area and destroy the fog of war. That is something I've done when I encounter this bug few months ago.
  5. If you disable the teleporter, that implies you want a more difficult challenge start.
  6. Liquid flow goes from green to white. But the bridge will let liquid jump from white to green. So as Sanchozz said, reverse the bridge to shower and toilet.
  7. If you don't have the floor above the opener, it would be no obstruction. Or you can change it to glass tile as it original is.
  8. Check your research and see if Meal Preparation is done.
  9. No sure what's the relation between the metal refineries and the tamed geysers. Since you don't have enough power, why not just run one metal refinery? If you really want to use automation wire to control them, try to use a not gate and signal switch.
  10. I think they may be dropped by dupes when they are passing through the tube right at the moment of rest time. I got a few time they drop something similar to your screenshot.
  11. Oops! Thanks for reminding. Never notice that.
  12. I don't think they will eat bristle blossoms. They should only eat balm lily, pincha pepper, and mealwood.
  13. Yes, cuddle pips will hug eggs and increase the speed by 100% and can stack with incubators (400%). There is detail in another discussion.
  14. Oh! That's why I always found some small bottled water inside my fish tanks.