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New Friendly Scarecrow rework.

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Friendly scarecrow changes
- Players can now use a razor on it to change its face, it goes from 1 to 13.
- The Scarecrows face no longer changes on the dawn of the next day
- The radius where crows become canaries is now 3x3 tiles.
- Canaries will occasionally tend to crops. Crows will untend crops occasionally.
- Lord of Fruit Flies have a 25% of not spawning when a Friendly Scarecrow is placed in the area.


Please tell me what yiu think! I really think the friendly scarecrow doesnt get enough love.

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U can change a scarcrows face by tapping it with a hammer iirc. Also i actually like that it changes automatically makes it feel alive :apple:.

39 minutes ago, Fill-Lips said:

Dunno bout the not spawning lord of fruit flies, but I do like the idea of birds helping and/or hindering

+1. If the canary/crow thing could be implemented thatd be so neat. But then again that would be another layer of complexity so im not entirely sure. Flavor-wise it totally would make sense and i really like the idea since canaries do sing! 

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I really like the idea of canaries tending to crops! Maybe they would land near unhappy crops and sing to them, making plants in a small radius happy? I don't like crows upsetting crops, though. That would make tending to crops early game much more of a hassle than it already is. Especially with that small of a radius. Farms late-game would practically require putting a scarecrow every 3 tiles.  



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Maybe crows or just non-canaries in general would wind up planting weeds instead of dropping seeds when landing on farm plots?
Singing canaries sounds lovely but I think it should be worse than shell bells and much not nearly as reliable as the FFF.

I do want a way to ward off the Lord of the Fruit Flies from harassing farmers every 20 days, though this might be a bit too easy.

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