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Do you like Wigfrid's singing voice?

Wigfrid's singing  

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  1. 1. Do you like Wigfrid's loud singing voice?

    • I main Wigfrid and yes.
    • I main Wigfrid and no
    • I don't main Wigfrid and yes
    • I don't main Wigfrid and no

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I wanted to see people's thoughts because the release date for Wigfrid's update has been announced and on the thread, people are asking for her to sound more pleasant. I on the other hand, appreciate her being as rambunctious as possible. 

Vote to your taste

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Wigfrid's voice is SO...Wigfrid.  I can't really imagine her speaking at any volume other than TOTAL MAXIMUM AT ALL TIMES!  A Valkyrie actress sending her foes' souls to  Valhalla _quietly_ would be so weird...

I mean, is THIS song quiet and subtle?  That's Wigfrid.

(and now that I've looked that up, my YouTube suggestions are all classy-lookin', lol...)


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2 hours ago, ArubaroBeefalo said:

Hearing a wigfrid being stunlocked is one of the most fun and anoying things xd


As a Wigfrid main, i can confirm. I like her voice, but after my very first ruins rush (which i did as Wigfrid) her hurt sound was ringing in my ear.

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