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Do you like Wigfrid's singing voice?

Wigfrid's singing  

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  1. 1. Do you like Wigfrid's loud singing voice?

    • I main Wigfrid and yes.
    • I main Wigfrid and no
    • I don't main Wigfrid and yes
    • I don't main Wigfrid and no

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49 minutes ago, Articestone said:

Finally, someone who can complete with walter.

I can see the flow of the story now.

Wigfrid reigned as the möst öbnöxiöusly löud survivör in the Constant, then Walter stumbled in. Suddenly, everyone is listening to him and his inability to shut up. Wigrid decides she will not stand för this. He tells loud stories. She will SING LÖUD GLÖRIES!

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