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Which character would you put in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

Which character would you put in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?  

88 members have voted

  1. 1. Which character?

    • Wilson
    • Willow
    • Wolfgang
    • Wendy
    • WX
    • Wickerbottom
    • Woodie
    • Maxwell
    • Wigfrid
    • Webber
    • Winona
    • Warly
    • Wortox
    • Wormwood
    • Wurt
    • Walter

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Wilson, with the ability to change character in-battle by a key combination to characters:
Wolfgang (damage)
Wx-78 (speed and health)

Maxwell (abilities)
Those 3 characters resemble perfectly of the 3 stats in dont starve

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Wortox has the most moveset potential. He has a soul meter above his percentage.

Neutral B: Soul Eater, he slowly sucks the soul out of the opponent.

Down B: Release, simple, uses soul to heal some percentage back.

Up B: Soul Hop, hops upwards short distance, but needs soul to do it.

Side B: I don't know. Maybe some sort of soul projectile? 

Wilson would the most recognizable though, but Wigfrid and Maxwell sound like fun picks too.

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Well, Wilson would make the most sense as the main character, but I'm gonna have to go with Maxwell because he seems like he'd be really fun to play as. Also, he'd be a more unique pick than Wilson, since there's probably already a lot of well-rounded characters in Smash Ultimate. (I haven't played as the vast majority of the characters so I have no idea if this is actually true, but I wouldn't be surprised if it is.)

Also, no matter which character got in, one of their taunts would have to be the /dance emote because yes.

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I chose wigfrid, but yeah wilson would be more recognizable.

Wolfgang I thought of just because he can fight with his bare hands better than the others probably

And walter possibly for another ranged character.

Wigfrid could have a final smash where she either gets a buff like in forge, but for a certain amount of time like with joker.

Or her smash could be riding a unicorn. I just have the most ideas with Wigfrid.

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10 minutes ago, Well-met said:

no thanks

peach already has one clone

at least its not another fire emblem character

Seriously though. Its either Wilsom oe Maxwell as they're the most well known.

Wilson would probably be prime Mii Fighter Costume material due to his status as a generic char, but Maxwell could have a puppet fighter moveset done ala Ice Climbers. Imagine wobbling or chaingrabbing with maxwell lol

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1 minute ago, GetNerfedOn said:

at least its not another fire emblem character

Haven't seen that before. Y'all realize that Roy and especially Chrom and Lucina don't take up as much development time right? I agree that we don't need those characters and we would be better off with just Marth, Ike, Robin and Byleth but we need new jokes. whos corrin

Wait this the Klei forums not Smashboards. Uh, I find it interesting Max has so many votes. Puppet fighters are a rare sight and having actual plot relevance helps. Really most of these characters could fit a fighting game:

Wilson - All rounder, would represent DS as a whole

Wolfgang - Grappler maybe with power-up elements

Wendy - look at the capcom jojo game

WX - Straight up power up

Wickerbottom - Glass cannon zoner, maybe a trapper

Woodie - So there's a series called Bloody Roar where the characters turn into animals mid fight, that's Woodie.

Maxwell - Glass cannon with puppets

Wigfrid - Dominating

Like even Wes would be the perfect joke character. I haven't played enough of the dlc characters to get a good grasp on them, and I'm not sure how Willow and Webber would play. Maybe Willow is just the Ken to Wilson's Ryu and Webber is just a puppet fighter with less control. If you have a different opinion on their playstyles please give your insight because I'm not an expert on these characters.

Man we need an indie smash bros. Y'all heard of Indie Pogo? I've seen Wilson at the top of lists for most wanted characters.


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Wes is not even an option? Boo, I bet you can design an awesome character with Wes, his balloons and DST mechanics. But yea, as with all the representatives, Wilson would be the DST representative as the poster boy and Willow would be the second character if they had a second representation. Although what I'd prefer is if they made them model swaps of each other like the Koopalings so that we can play with 8 different characters albeit with the same generic DST moveset..

2 hours ago, Well-met said:

none because dont starve is a 2d game

That's not an excuse, more than half of the characters are from 2D games, either in origin or all of their games being 2D; Pacman, Megaman, Mr Game and Watch, Duck hunt duo just to name some extreme examples. 3D models would literally not be an issue at all; wilson and co even have Funko pop figurines. The real obstacle is DST isn't a Nintendo product and isn't popular enough to warrant 3rd party character deal. That said, Smash bros uses a very easy formula to make characters, much less intricate than other fighting games like Mortal Kombat so it is vey feaible and rather simple to design a smash character out of DST characters if they wanted. Check out this crossover mod trailer if you have any doubts of DST characters working fine in smash.

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59 minutes ago, Mike23Ua said:


But if all the Pokémon are in Smash Bros Beedrill already fills that role- So I guess my next best choice Wendy & Abigail. :) 

Or Maybe just riled Abigail W/O Wendy..

Naturally all the pokemon aren't in Smash- despite their desires to dwarf their competitors with the size of their roster, they'd never have 700+ representatives just from pokemon. Right now they have 10 playable pokoemons, 3 of which are bundled in the same character. And none of them is beedrill.

That said, BeeQueen would hardly qualify for Smash. Its just a boss in a game that doesn't have a representation; same beequeen concept is already in their Mario series so they'd have used her if they wanted a bee character in smash- or Beedrill as you said, though even pokemon's own fighting game Pokken DX didn't have Beedrill playable..

Wendy and Abi is a cool duo character concept like Rosalina & Luma or Ice Climbers, making me wish we had a fighting mod akin to smash in DST already. Last video on Smashup  is older than 1 years old so I guess that project is abandoned.

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Well... considering that the ONLY Smash Bros game I’ve ever played was the original that released on N64 and only Featured Pikachu and Jigglypuff (the two most popular Pokémon at the time) as playable characters, as Well as a stage Cameo of Charizard (My personal Favorite Pokémon) I wouldn’t know... And Any Pokémon Beyond the original 150 (excluding Mew & Togapi) I wouldn’t know any of them.

If you ask me- Pokémon was better off being kept simple... with only the Original cast (which I was such a nerd back then that I knew all of them in order, as well as their element types, weaknesses etc..) 700+ is way too freaking many.. it’s like they just started seeing Dollar Signs & made up as many weird creatures as they could to get more money.

Whats hilarious though- is They KNEW that no one over a particular age limit is going to know many Pokémon beyond the original 150.. and that’s Why Detective Pikachu had to heavily pull in the original cast in order to even catch the Attention of original Pokémon fans.

Having said that- it’s impossible for me NOT to See Beequeen and laugh hilariously because of Beedrill. 

That’s not the ONLY similarity that Pokémon and DS shares though- Porygon (one of the original Pokémon that was known to cause epilepsy in people with its special attacks) Has just like Warbucks.... Been Thanos’d out of Existence. 

And Back when I played Smash Bros it was a fairly basic game & simple game where the only goal was to knock your opponent off the camera and out of the screen of view for a KO.. 

The final boss of the original smash Bros was a incredibly lame giant floating gloved hand (Mr Hand I think it was called) He had your basic cheap final boss attacks of slamming his hand down on you flattening you like a pancake, trying to poke you off a ledge or to simply Thump you out of the Arena..

If that is STILL how Smash Bros is played.. then at this point- Woodie with his 3 Transformation Idols or Ryu & Mint from an old Playstation game hardly anyone has heard of titled “Threads of Fate” Would be perfect Additions to the Smash Bros Roster.

Due to their ability to transform and adapt to certain situations

(for example... if MR Hand would’ve attempted to cheaply thump Woodie out of the game..... he could just Eat the Goose Idol and flap his way back onto the playing area) 

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