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  1. Kirby's Taranza! Like Webber I tend to take a few creative liberties when drawin, like floofier hair
  2. I forgot this Webber I drew with other spoders! a-click for higher res
  3. yooo, I like that goat! Though my persona isn't a merm I can see why it looks fishy lol. The shades and hair does look like glassy eyes and fins.
  4. Alright Klei, I see how it is. You saw that I haven't touched DST in a long time and are trying to entice me. So you add a ton of skins to one of my favorite sets. We got Walter in a newsboy outfit, Wormwood flaunting a grandfather clock, and Wortox as a freaking gargoyle. How'd you know I love those Klei; how'd you find my "tasty aesthetics" folder? Where on the world wide web have I ever said I was a huge Gargoyles fan? You are reading my mind and I need to know how. Ohoho but it wasn't enough for you to simply entice me to play with pretty new skins. No, you saw that I have never touched Wurt despite purchasing her and have little to no interest of ever picking her up. You wanted me to play Wurt on top of picking up the game. Well to any Klei artists that for whatever reason are on a rando's fanart blog thing and have somehow managed to get through my condescending nerdy rants up until this point, congratulations because this new Wurt skin is effing genius. You masterminds took the goats that transformed into merms and switched it to a merm going goat. Victorian Wurt has the Victorian aesthetic while also fitting into the DST universe's version of that era. The mermish elements in Mumsy were already very clever in subtly combining fish scales with fur, and seeing a playable version of those design elements is delicious. The scale/fur thing is most prominent in her ears, which give her a clear silhouette from the rest of her skins. The fish tail helps the silhouette well, while also making her more merm like compared to the goats. She manages to still look like Wurt with the scrunched up face and the broken left horn. I might be misremembering this character trait incorrectly but even though she doesn't like clothes in universe that can be easily hand waved away because this is an alternate universe Wurt in a classy setting. Plus she's wearing an outfit similar to Billy's which serves as a nice reference to a missed character. On top of all of that, she's just cute. This skin is a 10/10 from me holy crap I can't get over how good it is. Anyways here's the fanart I drew immediately after seeing the update, remember to click for better resolution.
  5. Thank you for all the comments minespatch! always a treat Yah, there's a razor and pile of webs but they were a little cut off on the right. Wilson's wondering how the kid gets cobwebs in his extra legs. lol it's supposed to be a rose but I like the brain more Cinematic parallels I don't remember my mindset for this particular piece, but I adore looking at the concept art. Seeing the artist's mindset and how the pieces evolved is just *french kiss*. The most interesting part in that new concept art batch was that a big complaint of Wormwood's Triumphant skin is that it doesn't share a similar enough color palette with the rest of the set, and yet the original concept had that grey and red palette but was made purple and green as "plantification". While I still think that there could of been a little more "triumph" in the design I always kinda figured that he was made that way to look more plant-y, but seeing the concepts show that they didn't just made him purple because they felt like it as a lot of people assumed. While I haven't seen anything related to Big O, older anime and the work of Genndy Tartakovsky are a minor influence of mine. Haha I am almost done with the game! I think I'm 80% in, no idea if I'll bother with the extra stuff though. Loving my time with it either way. A different doodle of Wortox just got in the way of the speech bubble, but knowing his habit for pranks he fits My favorite indie game characters are those two and Asgore, and I think I'm noticing a theme Again thank you for all the compliments!
  6. omg its not lackadaisy but it's does look like it! The two cats are Mae from NITW and the cat Mayonnaise from a Jackbox minigame "Split the Room".
  7. Haven't updated in a while; I got a hold on digital art stuff but because I'm busy I haven't had much time to play DS. These characters still live in my head though, and while I can't find my traditional sketches because I'm horribly organized, I have some digital sketches. Not sure how they'll come out but if they're like the above picture you might need to click on them for better quality. Monika how'd you get here
  9. Whoops life happened. I had intended to finish this last month but I'm only now understanding online schooling and how to properly schedule things. I got work done early and it's literally Maxwell's birthday (at the time of writing this) so I have to post this! Maxwell is my favorite character, not just in DS but he's one of my favorites in gaming. There isn't any special reasoning, like being relatable or incredibly well-written, he just hits a ton of my favorite tropes. My first introduction was when I was researching the game I found his default portrait and I immediately knew he was gonna be my favorite. This face screams "I know I'm an ***hole and I revel in it". I don't need to go into the lore, everyone knows it's great. But what I really love is Max after the throne and seeing his character development from DS to DST. It's subtle but Maxwell starting to regret his actions and acting just a little bit nicer (just a little) makes him more believable. I like that the characters in these games are kind of losers, cause it means that we are allowed to see a little humility. Even with all of that he's still an egotistical jerk with a dramatic flair drowning in sarcasm. Ah, you all reading this know that already but all of these character traits are my favorites, hence why Max is my favorite. Max was weird to draw because he is drawn... realistically, for DS standards at least. All the other playable characters are short weird but cute doodles, whereas NPC Maxwell was a tall and more appropriately proportioned magic man. The other characters leave plenty of room for interpretation but Max has a more defined design. I didn't fully understand how faces work (I'm still not 100% sure) but I could always cheat with the other characters in a cartoony matter. I can't as easily with Max though, because there are more details to draw out most of my drawings were figuring out what features I wanted to use and what to exaggerate. My best Max's were either profiles, doodle-doodles, and Williams. What I really struggled with was getting his age right. Max seems to be really old but not Wickerbottom old. Like this looks good but he looks too young because he he doesn't have the receding hairline. Each drawing was figuring out what I liked and what I didn't. This is my favorite of the notebook doodles. The age combined with how I have a flatter, rounder art style more suited for creepy kiddos resulted in me looking for some more devious inspiration. Oh yes. I don't remember who said this, but someone at Didney said that the reason why their work is so appealing is because the characters are really three dimensional; they're not realistic, but believable. They also made great references because Maxwell shares a ton of these design elements. I focused on Maleficent and Frollo, the former because they looked so similar and the latter because while intimidating Frollo just looks like a normal guy. Max is just a normal guy who happened to come across a demonic book. Again, now I was just figure out the little details. Aw man don't you hate when you have a really good drawing but a banana you drew earlier gets in the way. Context: Thanks Diddy Kong. Best Webber I've ever drew, have yet to top it. Now I'm at a comfortable place were he looks like Max but is still simple enough to be easily replicated. I've been drawing digitally more and I'm getting more comfortable with it. I haven't been playing the game as much because I've been busy so it hasn't been on my mind as much. I still doodled a Max for his birthday, tested myself with a different style. I drew Max scowling all the time so I figured I could draw him a little more relaxed. I'm very happy with it, I'm going to try drawing these characters digitally more often.
  10. I've been waiting to see the outcome of this art trade and neither of these disappoint they are so cute
  11. Everything that has already been said here were all reasons I almost bought this game based on the artstyle alone. Other things I enjoy would be how the whole game looks like something someone sketched in their free time. Imagine if the drawings were cleaner, sure polish looks nice but the rough look reflects the rough experience. Also while this is a "hardcore" game, what with the permadeath, a lot of characters look weirdly cute? Like, the hounds are obnoxious, so the sharp angles make them obvious threats. But they also look really fluffy and are 90% heads with legs sticking out. The game recognizes how ridiculous everything is and has fun with it.
  12. I got a couple outfits I think are neat. First of we got Warly in some sketchy fast food gear: Hey we all gotta start somewhere. He deserves better so sometimes I'll give him this: Next up we got a forest-y science experiment gone wrong. I'm not sure what you would call this (Punk? Goth?) but I'm fond of this outfit. I got my favorite Walter shirt from the daily thing but as I established earlier Walter will forever be stuck in Irwin cosplay. So my main gets it. (Speaking of Irwin, my buddy got some green pants that fit the character perfectly. So we traded our items and... they disappeared. Now we weren't upset that we potentially lost them because they were both common items. But they popped up in our inventories a month later. I got the pants I wanted in the end so I don't mind, but is that a normal thing? For the trading to take that long?) Anyways have Wortox wearing nothing but a pair of pants that I find inexplicably hilarious.
  13. Thanks mime! Also, Dragonhead, this is your best batch yet. Your Mumsy is the best I've seen and your merms are on point. Your line art is fluid and yet the characters feel proportionate - they don't feel "loose" (apologies if that didn't make any sense my art vocab is lacking). My point is you never fail to impress.
  14. Doodle dump time! Real quick: Thank you, I think I understated how much I like the Survivor doodle because I am very proud with how that came out. Onto the doodles, I've recently focused on characters I don't draw as much and tried polishing my drawings of them. There are still some more common faces though. Walter and Walani I haven't drawn in a while, and the one drawing of Wolfgang I posted didn't do him justice. I think the thing next to Walter is a dead bee. Gonna be honest, didn't think we would get Webber beards at all, and especially 12 of them this quickly. But I'll take it! I need to find one of those reaction charts to fill up with Webber, to get a handle on not only his eyes but how his head-legs act depending on his emotions. You know I think I prefer the "gosh danggit to heck" to normal swears. Tried a more stylized Wendy and Abigail. So, Wigfrid rework. I'm not really sure what to think, I have some theories on why she was chosen but that's for general discussion. That said, I've been trying to get my buddy to play as her and this is the perfect excuse. This Wheeler was refined in that the hair and floofy collar are much more simpler so that she's easier to draw and matches better with the other characters. I did remember the lips this time it's just not super obvious as when smiling wide lips thin out. That Knight isn't supposed to be a part of this scene but they are a mod so I guess it's feasible. So one thing I forgot to mention in my Wes post was I was slightly inspired by the aesthetics and character designs of OFF when designing him. It's a incredibly meta RPG Maker game with weak gameplay but a fun story. I was playing the game around the time I got into DS, but I think it was also a mixture of the sketchy artstyles and the messy hair with the clown cheeks. The guy in the masks is Zacharie and the big dude is Enoch. There is another character Sugar/Sucre I wanted to use as an example but I couldn't find a good image of her. I thought that Zach and Wes had similar hair but I guess I was a little off (heh). And you might of seen 'em next to Wheeler, we have a Glommer. May Glim Glom gift you a good day.
  15. I just want my Wilson to look silly but I'm so hung up on making my artwork look "cool" at the same time. But ngl even though none of my stuff is supposed to be *hot* if someone saw it that way I would take that as a complement.