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  1. A quick dump with mostly Willows and the Carter twins. I was inspired by this comment I made earlier. Up next are some skins. Then I got some Wendy's. This drawing made me realize that the only characters I consistently draw full body images of are the kids. I guess it's because they have simpler anatomy than adults do? This particular image I wanted to draw the affects of insanity, but I got lazy with the terrorbreaks and just drew some derpy-looking snake things. So Abigail I either draw in blanket sheet form or in floaty human form. As silly as the bed sheet is, I do think there is a sort of sadness in how you kinda lose a part of your identity when you're just some fabric. Quick question for those more familiar with Wendy lore, does Wendy understand what Abigail is saying or what she is feeling? Or is it vague? My buddy is always playing Wendy so I never pick her, and Don't Starve is one of those games you can be 80 hours in and still a novice, so there could easily be stuff I'm missing. My point is that when I draw a human ghost I draw everything the same but remove the mouth, as even though their presence can be felt they have no say in what happens after they die. The above Abby contradicts this because I thought adding a smirk looked right but that's how I normally draw her as seen with some skin experimentation. I made sure to keep elements of Wendy's outfits while adding a tomboy-ish flare. Also don't mind the following I just wanted to see how gifs looked on here. For those wondering this is Coffee from A Desolate Hope, which is a free Metroidvania or SEARCH ACTION/RPG Boss Battle/Top-Down Shooter/Time Management Sim by Scott before he made FNAF Cawthon that somehow works and is really good. Anyways I'll be making a WX post next.
  2. Yo I would love to see how you draw Wormwood!
  3. I have around twenty DS doodles sitting in my book but that's a lot for a single post so I'm going to have to spread them out. I should start with a batch of Willows because those are the oldest, but if you have been on Falena's art thread you can probably guess that I've been in a Wilba mood. If you want context check out their thread if you haven't already. The Wilba in Morbucks cosplay was a quick doodle I made in like five minutes because I wanted to make the joke before someone else did but it ended up being my favorite Wilba drawing?? So to do her justice I took what I liked about that doodle and applied it to her regular design. The way PPG high heels are sometimes stylized looks a lot like hooves so that really fits. Wilba I draw with black beady eyes instead of "animeing" her as being a pig I think it fits? Like it's a reminder she's based off a mob and that's what they look like in game. Drawing Wilba reminded me that I've never posted Wurt. Now if I wanted to continue that mob-eye logic than Wurt should at least have pupils, but since it's "normal" for my drawings to have actual eyes and Wurt is supposed to weird I kept the empty white voids. I also just think it fits her being a fish-thing. I actually have a lot of Wurt drawings I could make a separate post on as I spent a ton of time trying to figure out how to draw her. But while I love their designs I don't care too much about DST's monster characters and a lot of those Wurt drawings are crustier than bread. One design aspect that started off as an accident but I exaggerated over time was that as she and Wilba can be seen as foils so their body types are kind of opposite from each other. They read "Four Ice Cream Cones Carrying A Bean?" and "I Like Megaman". The only other characters I do something similar for are Wilson and Maxwell but instead of being each other's foils they fit the "Not So Different" trope more so Wilson is "Candlestick" and Max is "Candlestick but less approachable". I remembered that I never made a Wormwood I liked, which is odd because I really like his design. Out of nowhere I came up with something for Wormwood that clicked with me. It doesn't fit in game logic but I feel it adds a lot of charm to him. Ladies, gentlemen, and others, may I present to you: "It's Wormwood, but he's like, 8 feet tall." I now live for gentle giant Wormwood. Tried evening out his limbs more so that he isn't all legs, also wanted an excuse to draw Verdant Wilson because guess who owns their new favorite skin and has zero spools? Me, it was me I spent them all on the nerd. I didn't need those twenty pairs of oxfords anyways.
  4. It be Wigfrid's birthday today! It's Wig time again baby! Okay Wig time over I drew a Triumphant Willow as well cause why not. Speaking of Triumphant I have a Wendy from a while ago I never posted. One last thing, I also draw pixel art and drew a Chester for a buddy. Happy Wig day y'all.
  5. I've mostly been doodling the three I mentioned at the end of my Webber post, and to be honest I don't think I'll get a full grasp on them but I'm having fun experimenting. Today I had the sudden urge to doodle all of Wendy's skins. So I did. Wendy doesn't have a single bad skin. Even her GoH and Magmatic skins I find underwhelming but I wouldn't call them bad. Her Hallowed Nights skin is also the only one I like from that collection cause I love seeing eyeballs where they don't belong. Hm. Anyways here's some close ups.
  6. I got some more recent doodles today; I meant to post this Charlie and Chester in the previous miscellaneous post but forgot to. While playing as Willow I noticed that since her lighter provides very little light in the dark then she's probably on the edge with Charlie practically breathing down her neck. The next one is supposed to be Charlie taking a peak at the survivors. Three problems with that. This could of been made more clear if I had actually drew more people surrounding a fire or something. Willow would not be at the farthest edge of the light, she would practically be sitting in the fire. This looks less like Willow doesn't notice Charlie and more like she's mildly annoyed be her presence. That last point gave me the idea for this at least. In case you can't read my chicken scratch, "Wigfrid may be an actress but Maxwell is the biggest fraud in the group." "Hm." "Like one hit from a deerclops and he's dead but he'll say otherwise." "Mm-hm." "Then there's the fact he has managed to convince himself he's not related to the twins." "Hm?" In more recent news those new skins are- My favorite has to be Wilson's though. I'm not huge on the Verdent set, but I love how this one balances his gentlemanliness and his dorkiness. I want to say this is my best Wilson yet, but when figuring out a character I feel like every new drawing will be my best one yet. In other news Hollow Knight is a great game, I'm seven hours in.
  7. Eyyyyy, it's Web Time! I remember liking my older Webber doodles but I'm looking back and having trouble understanding what exactly I was thinking. Now, that's a very good pose I'll give it that. But I was drawing these from memory so a lot of stuff looks very off. I also don't have a lot of references for fuzzy anthro spider children so it was a real struggle to get a grasp on them. Like even WX I just draw as a megaman character. The best references I had was stuff from Seuss because I couldn't think of any other fuzzy characters that weren't just furries. I learned that the head-legs should be bigger but it still didn't look right. Frustrated, I decided that I was going to perfect the spider-kid even if it took me four months darn it. I kept on experimenting with them but I struggled to get something that looked right. Of coarse the fabulous Roseate costume helped me. That I had to pull up a a reference for, and I replicated other aspects of the portrait art when drawing. I really liked the sharp eyes and the four points of articulation in the head-legs. Now I had to experiment with these design elements. Plenty of Webbers were drawn but something always looked off. So I pulled up a pic of the in game model to see what I was doing wrong. Now this is obvious in hindsight but Webber is literally just a spider head slapped on a human body. Like if you chopped off the torso the spider legs look like they would be able to carry the head. I noted that in order to replicate this the head-legs have to be even larger and closer together. I initially struggled with translating that to my artwork because DS characters have heads bigger than their torso whereas I draw my anatomy semi-realistically. I felt that I was getting closer but the longer spider legs made for a more cluttered silhouette. I went back to drawing skins to see what I liked. Going by the the skin portraits each Webber looks a little bit different from the other, and after drawing them I pieced together what I liked. Again I mostly took notes from the Roseate design as I think that one is the most stylish. I recently discovered that I bought Hollow Knight at one point and kinda forgot I had it? So inspiration from that and a pen I found lead to these drawings. Oh ho, there we go. This Webber I like. They have all these sharp angles you would find in a monster but still has softer, cuter aspects reminiscent of a child. I give myself rules for each character as I want to draw them consistently, and Webber is no exception. 4 points of articulation in the head-legs 4 head tuffs, looks like a messy haircut 3 tuffs per cheek 2 tuffs per shoulder 1 tuff on per elbow and knee The mouth has 3 tuffs that resemble teeth as to be reminiscent of monsterhood without any real danger present Does not have a human head, is straight up just a circle but the cheek tuffs are there to make it look anatomically correct Main eyes are like spiderman for references Top eyes are like eyebrows for expression Bottom side eyes are like blush stickers for cuteness Top side eyes are just small circles because it's already crowded enough with more than one pair of eyeballs Body type is "10-year-old in desperate need of a sandwich wearing a flimsy rug" Boy oh boy I sure do love over complicating how I interpret characters in my fan art! For real though I really love doing this. The last couple of characters I have stuff to gush over are Maxwell, WX, and Wilson. Maxwell I want to say I have figured out but oh, you bloody bet when I saw the parallels between him and Wilson and exaggerated those aspects when designing them. So he isn't getting a rant until I draw a Wilson I like and for WX I'm just trying to understand how they would function. In the meantime I'm going to be posting some newer work, and I'm currently inking the drawing where Webber is trying to cheer up Wendy.
  8. Wheeler looks the way she does for multiple reasons; though she has low health a huge part of her character is that she is a capable fighter. Hence why I emphasized square shapes and sharp angles, which are normally associated with danger and by extension masculinity. It was also done so that she doesn't look like other female characters I've drawn and because I think she's an older character. Though that last part is just my own headcanon where the only basis is that she seems very smart and wise going by quotes, but you can be 20 and smarter than an 80-year-old. Though you are both right on the lips I have no idea how I missed that with a reference up. Although I don't think that's lipstick so much as she just has prominent lips? In her portrait there are a more natural color whereas in game I think they're black because of the simple art style. Either way I've drawn her with prominent lips before so again I really don't know how I missed that. I also sometimes draw her with single lashes (like Wendy's) though that's less consistent. Regardless I'm glad you both liked the Warly, I'm very happy with how he came out.
  9. I was just thinking of characters I don't draw enough of when I drew Wheeler, but seeing other people draw her is a pleasant surprise! It's a coincidence on my part at least lol
  10. Just got some Wortox and miscellaneous today. He's so fun to draw. Took notes from Falena's wonderful Wilbas when drawing her, she looks wrong without the little ears she adds. The Walter was drawn when all we had was a teaser so some details might look off, but I'm still proud of the pose. Uh and Wheeler is perfect. Annnnnnnnd here is a very nice Warly. Very nice.
  11. I can't believe I forgot about Wickerbottom when I downloaded this for reference a couple days ago.