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Can we talk about the Victorian skins?

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(I don’t know if this I supposed to be in the off-topic area, please tell me if I should’ve submit this there!)

Can we just?! All the skins are just, amazing!!! I don’t know if it’s just me adoring Victorian design and architecture but....there are a lot of them that I adore. Take a look at these skins:

First off, the gentleman scientist looking fabulous as ever! I’m not really a fan of Wilson or of his skins, but this one is just amazing.


Next up is the firestarter. Not much to say, but....I adore her outfit!

Then, it’s our beloved bereaved, Wendy. Now, one of my favorite characters is Wendy (alongside with some others) and if you play with me often, you might see me use this outfit a lot in game. The entire outfit is stunning, gothic, her hairstyle is amazing, and honestly, I want an Abigail skin to match.


And lastly is my girl, Winona! Whenever I play as her, I’ll use this skin since I adore it! In the Victorian era, technology wasn’t advanced as much, and I imagine her in a workshop with her blacksmith outfit!



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10 minutes ago, Mike23Ua said:

I never use a full skin set, I love how you can mix and match clothing like legos to create your own unique look. C3C777A9-5A3F-44A8-BDC1-4F56DBCDA88C.thumb.jpeg.57387fc11798625d698856f18299f2e8.jpeg

I sometimes do that too, but personally, I kinda do like staying with the full set. Cool Wigfrid by the way!

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I've always loved Winona's Victorian skin. I was expecting her to look like a stiff, uncomfortable, posh woman, so the fact that she looks borderline unrecognizable as a blacksmith is amazing. 

Willow's skin is really good too; it hits different that she looks like an orphan in the streets, especially with her backstory. It's fantastic. 

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one of the best skin sets for sure! also, the little match girl reference for willow's costume is uh...Neat.

but winona's is my absolute favorite victorian costume!!! (then comes wilson, i just really love that!)

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1 hour ago, Bluepufferfish said:

Wickerbottom's skin is awsome too, the raven in the portrait makes me sad about all the krampus farming. 

It is! I should’ve included it, I like many of Wickerbottom’s outfit’s in general, especially the bewitched.

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Oh.  Oh wow.  I never thought of it that way...

The Wendy mourning outfit is one of the few proper ones I have for her, and the one I've been wearing in my new world as her:


And I love the whole set in general!  Wilson's mad scientist look is elegant and awesome, Maxwell has never looked so dapper, Wickerbottom's is gorgeous (and I got the head for it in the VERY.  FIRST. Gorge chest.  I opened!  I also got her Forge head first thing during Forge 1.0  I think the game is trying to tell me something about who I should be maining...)

I was also thrilled to get the Victorian wrought-iron firepit as a drop, and almost never make any other kind now:


(it took me literally like five seconds to find a screenshot of mine that features it.  : P)

The "Little Match Girl" thing for Willow is very appropriate...and so...SAD...seriously that's like one of the most depressing stories ever.  As soon as I saw that one vignette, I was like "THANKS FOR REMINDING ME OF THAT, KLEI..."  

Blacksmith Winona is badass, Diver WX looks like something straight out of a Jules Verne novel...I love all of it!


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See, this is why I only use apples off my own trees.


You just don't know who to trust these days!

(...of course, using only unpicked fruits from your private property didn't help all that much in "I, Claudius", now that I think about it...)



Okay to save you going "Buh?" and looking that up:  "I, Claudius".  British TV minseries from the '70s about Romans killing, seducing and taking over the empire from each other...basically think Game of Thrones without magic and less nudity, also shorter and the end episodes still made sense.  (Oh and it also had Patrick Stewart in it.  As a bad guy.  With hair!)  There's this part where the Emperor (I think?) is suspicious of Lady Livia (with VERY good reason) and thinks he's gotten around possible poison plots by eating his favourite snack, figs, _only_ from his own private tree, in his private garden, by picking them himself.

Unfortunately Livia or one of her servants had gone out there and painted EVERY.  SINGLE . LAST.  FIG on the tree with poison _before_ they were even picked...

Oh, and by the way, I say casually as I sweep out of the room:

Don't touch the figs.  ;)


Anyway Big Daddy WX, yeah, that works too!  The Wickerbottom Victorian skin is also one of my favourites, and I tend to combine it with other elegant-looking outfits.  For example, I find it also works really well with the Snowfallen dress.


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The Victorian remains as my favorite skin set in the entire game. If I had to part with all my skins and keep one set, it'd be all the Victorian skins. They're just so well made, from the detailing to the colors and aesthetic. Everything is spot on about each skin. :D

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