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  1. Deerclops, the first boss where wendy's damage modifier really needs to be considered, is able to kill abigail in five hits. Abigail will not dodge deerclops. This is one of many situations where wendy won't be able to compensate for her lower damage, and there it really matters. I completely disagree that wendy has no downsides, and that recent changes have made for fewer and fewer downsides. A lot of characters have negligible downsides! The oldest character to have any awful ones is webber. It has always felt weird to me though that wendy's only downside is that she's worse in combat while her upside is that she's better in it.
  2. I kind of miss the mechanic since I was fighting alongside abigail because I couldn't have her tank and... I almost entirely ignored the fact that I was at 1hp by riding a beefalo, and that kind of defeats the point, doesn't it? If it still existed, it would have to cap out when wendy's at around 40 hp so she's still able to fight when armored. That, or make it temporary or somehow exhaust abigail to make it clear this is a plan B and not a good idea. But changing it this many times would be a lot of effort. As always my soul resonates with everything swanky said.