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(Poll) How do you think ds/t will end?

How will the end look?  

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  1. 1. How will the end look?

    • Happy Ending- They are destroyed, evil is gone, all survivors escape and the ones that are from the Constant live hapily ever after. Charlie also escapes and is back to normal
    • Heroic Ending- One survivor sits on the Throne and uses its power to destroy Them and releases the rest of survivors. Then they destroy the Throne itself which kills them in the process
    • Bittersweat Ending- Survivors destroy Them but that kills Charlie in the process
    • Purgatory Ending- Survivors destory Them but are unable to escapae and forever stuck in Constant
    • "Bad" Ending- They are destroyed and survivors escape but they land in completely different time then when they were kidnapped
    • Freedom Ending- Survivors escape but they didn't destroy Them or only destroyed a part of Them
    • Sad Ending- They are destroyed which also destroyes Constat and everything that was in it. Maybe Wormwood and Wortox manage to escape into the real world
    • Bad Ending- Survivors are unable to destroy Them and are now forever stuck in Constant
    • "Not really" Ending- They are destroyed which makes Constant quite a nice place and survivors willingly decide to stay
    • Wes speaks and the universe implodes
  2. 2. How will we get to the ending?

    • Epic Marvel-like fight with creatures/survivors from all dimentions (Main island, Shipwrecked, Hamlet, Forge, Gorge etc) against Them
    • Battle for the Throne
    • Jumping through gateways till something happens
    • Messing with the "Moon"
    • Wagstaff

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In the weird event that it had to end, I'd assume after a lot of twists and turns on the story and universe hopping, everyone will end up being released where its supposed to be, Maxwell will probably be punished for his evil deeds by getting stuck somewhere (maybe in favor of saving everyone in the end), Charlie will probably be redeemed and either escape, or stay behind sharing Maxwell's fate, and "Them" will still exist, preying upon new adventurers on DST sequels.

Btw original 90's Jumanji ending anyone?

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IF there will ever be an end, I think we will get to the end through several epic and unique boss fights with them. Then the survivors will free Charlie and find a way home, but there will still be hints of shadows and spooky stuff like that, so it will be like "The end.... or is it?"

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I don't think you can destroy Them, only keep them imprisoned or foil their plots. 
Most likely if the survivors escape it will be to modern day and not from the exact times they were taken from. 
Final battle would involve those of the Constant, Forge, and Gorge all fighting for freedom against the armies of Them and their horrors as well as possibly the Moon and its mutants - only barely managing until deus ex Maxwell or Wilson do something to turn the tide to their favor. Perhaps the combined power of Wilson, Maxwell, and a recovered Charlie is what it takes to escape. 

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"Bad" Ending- They are destroyed and survivors escape but they land in completely different time then when they were kidnapped


I'm the only one who voted for the final where they return to the world in the modern era, they found a videogame company called Klei and created a game that told their adventures called Don't Starve?

Last romantic hero :'D


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It will be revealed Wes is actually the destroyer of humanity. Maxwell is Wes's lackey and when it was found out that he couldn't do his job, Wes was sent to finish the job. Maxwell doesn't dare tell the others of Wes's true duty because Wes hears everything. And see's everything. 

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1 hour ago, minespatch said:

We're a decade into the game.:wilson_ecstatic:

That's a good way to show the game have potential for more.

Others like Crusader Kings 2 (2012) & Counter Strike: Source (2004) were made since a while, however, people still playing that and they still having updates all the time.

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Escape: Unlikely.

Destroying Them: Unlikely.

Conquering the entire Constant and civilizing it enough to make a proper city: my favorite, warbucks approved

Dying: Highly unlikely, considering I headcanon all the skeletons are past versions of the survivors we know.

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Any ending that is kept non-canon is ok, otherwise it would be a problem to match the ending with future content for the game, unless klei actually finishes updating the game.

I haven't give it much thought but an ending I could enjoy is Charlie using the survivors to destroy the Throne and then teaming up with the survivors on the constant to face Them and the new menaces.

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6 hours ago, Hell-met said:

no "Klei moves on with other projects because DS/T is aging" option?


On 30.05.2019 at 3:00 PM, Szczuku said:

Guys I meant lore ending not the end of ds/t as a game


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