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  1. Basically created a forum account just to post an emoji xD
  2. FPS drops

    Not the same but similar issue: on PS4 at least, framerate drops insanely when you first open the game and you have to wait a few minutes for it to become normal again.
  3. This is really about opinions and preferences. I always play Wes because I like harder games overall. He's a basic characters with no perks and only flaws so I don't feel I have any specific advantage in any given situation. When I started playing I didn't know characters had powers etc. I only thought it was just about skins & backstory and I just fell in love regardless. I can never play anyone else.
  4. Maybe it's just a graphic bug. Does it actually put out fires or is it just seemingly on without working?
  5. Don't Starve Together Crossplay

    They also added crossplay across all platforms on Smite very recently and to be fair it only pushes PC updates by around 2 weeks. It could be done for DST and it would also be beneficial because it allows for more players to play together (Your friend has a console and you don't) and there's nothing that different with controls so there's no balancing that's needed to make it work.