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Mattyington    151
6 hours ago, 1v0 said:

 the ice/meatballs exploit is really annoying me and my friends made a rule when we play "no ice for cooking" because of it

How do you make Ice Cream D:? I Also wouldn't call it an exploit, it's just a cheap recipe. You can make dragonpie with 1 dragonfruit and 4 twigs, is that an exploit? I mean, Dragonfruit is much harder to get than monster meat, but still, it doesn't really feel like an exploit. Just a really easy recipe, which is why everyone uses it. I Do like the idea of not using ice for cooking, but then you can just use berries which you get by 20/30/40+ every 3 or 5 days depending on your berry farm's size, or if you even bother making one.

6 hours ago, 1v0 said:

And most than all I want a new special multiplayer biome !!! (I will bring TtA again) Like the idea of Ewecus it can only be defeated by 2 players ,you can't beat it solo. I want a biome (or biomes) that you must explore as a team, where if you go alone you are dead 100 %.

I Don't like this idea TOO much. I Personally won't be affected by it, but i know a lot of people who play DST solo (such as DST solo megabase challenges, people with not many friends/don't like playing with others but want DST's more content updates (Especially now with A new reign 2: electric boogaloo, etc. etc.) Would be bummed to be unable to get new resources and stuff from a new biome because of it. Maybe make it so in order to explore it alone, you need much more resources (Bad example but works nonetheless: You use two people to climb a ledge, but, in order to do that solo, you need to use an expensive recipe like 6 rope (~18 grass? no calculator on me) 3 flint to craft an item that can be used to climb those ledges 3 times or something. However i do like the idea of having friends around makes exploring a biome easier, besides the obvious "4 hands is better than 2" 

6 hours ago, 1v0 said:

Some dream features - clans/guilds for multipalyer , clan vs clan , base vs base/camp vs camp in 1 big world with a bridge between them , team deathmatch for multiplayer , world vs world PVP (with a portal that spawns you at random location in the enemy world) , some type of buildings multiplayer camps and stuff to do in them with the other players , late game invasion (something that changes the world for example after 200 days : ???? enemys and resources start to spawn in the world. That are harder to beat and you need to survive/outlast the invasion 

Clans/Guilds for multiplayer, Clan Vs Clan , Base/Camp vs Base/Camp

I Personally think this idea can kind of work? Though that would need a lot of character balancing. If not you just get a lot of Wickerbottoms for preparation, Wolfgangs and Wx/Wigfrids. I don't think they'd be called Clans or Guilds, something like "Groups", as in a group of survivors.

Team Deathmatch

I'm personally not a big fan of this one. Team Deathmatch is in pretty much every game, and you can kind of do that already by just normal pvp and some communication. This can work as a limited time event (Though i find it REALLY difficult for it to happen), and sounds more like a mod than anything. However, It can probably work if done right. But how would this be placed? a separate game mode? (This question also applies to the camp vs camp thing)

Late Game Invasions 

I like this idea. A Replacement for hound waves, which are easy to deal with on late-game, and become more of a nuisance. I'm wondering what the resources would be? We already have World Regrowth if you say more rabbit holes or something. But I Like the idea of new enemies replacing hounds, actually!

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ToastyStoat    421

Contains brainstorming


• More Item Uses:

I think every item should have at least a few purposes, Certain items have very few uses but can be found in very large quantities.

Being able to spend a stack or two of stingers on a spiked club or being able to burn them as a rot-tier fuel would help with stingers a bit.


• Special Attacks for Enemies:

Giving enemies more special abilities (like the Spider Warriors' Leap Attack) would make combat more interesting.

Figuring out how to dodge that leap attack can be tricky, but it is very entertaining and rewarding when you figure it out.


• Icy Caves during Winter:

Caves tend to get cold (and wet) in the winter, They also don't get much sunlight either, so I'd imagine evaporation is far slower.

So I think it would make sense for the floors in the caves to get quite slippery: Water would rain down, not evaporate, and turn to ice.

Having lethal ice spikes rain from the ceiling during sub-freezing earthquakes would be fitting for the "ice cave" theme as well.

Since cave-dwellers don't have to worry about wildfires or overheating, they should have a different set of challenges instead.


• Character-Specific Inventory Slots:

Some characters need to carry several character-specific items to be fully utilized, You can often find wendy mains carrying 3-6 Abigail's Flowers in their inventories, This can be bothersome at times, so I propose that some characters get a reasonable amount of "item-specific" slots for these types of items.


• Character-Specific Follower Behaviors

In some situations, Abigail and Maxwell's Shadows can be more of a hindrance than a boon to the player.

Giving them "behaviors" to choose from such as Aggressive, Neutral, Defensive, and 'Stop Attacking That Tentacle' may help with this.

I really like the system that World of Warcraft used/uses, and I think DST can benefit from a similar one.


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BOT Tuja    23
1 hour ago, __IvoCZE__ said:

we had the 1st round of dst adventure mode like a week( i think) ago.

I didn't said I want an Adventure Mode, I want something like the worlds of the adventure mode, but it would be smaller, shorter, wouldn't have any story, and would have a great reward at the end that helps you survive.

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nickvk    18

Maybe some new caves? I think we need caves enhances, like new bosses or biomes there. And, of course, story of lore.

16 hours ago, Computer-7 said:

- nerf wes

- more decoration items

- better tools I want a sword that is better than a dark sword and tools that mine and chop faster 

- strange new powers 2.0

- coffee please I have an addiction 

also world resets/world hopping I don't like restarting 100 times for a world I like 

Wes Op Klei plz no

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YouKnowWho    5,086

Here's an idea: what if there were craftable instruments you could play? While you played it, you'd get some sanity, and more sanity would be gained if people played along with their own instruments. It'd be like the Chinese new year costumes, except suited more for a cozy night around the campfire. It'd be something nice to do 'stead of dancing around, though there'd probably still be some dancing.

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Russian Philin    838

What would I like to see new in the game:

1) new combat mechanics in normal survival

2) New items for survival

3)More opportunities to transform the world

4) More unusual creatures and monsters

5)Any interesting natural phenomena

6) More new giants that are not simple, but very complex

7) ability to move from your world to any event with the help of Ancient Gates


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__IvoCZE__    948
1 hour ago, Russian Philin said:


7) ability to move from your world to any event with the help of Ancient Gates


It appears it will be added since the Gorge and Forge ornaments appeared ( spawnable but not obtainable other way

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Miss Maya    139
7 hours ago, __IvoCZE__ said:

It appears it will be added since the Gorge and Forge ornaments appeared ( spawnable but not obtainable other way

You can get them from gifts that appear under the winter's feast tree.

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On 12/6/2018 at 10:18 AM, Sinister_Fang said:

Get out of my head.




Seriously though, yea, it'd be nice to be able to change skins for preexisting items; that'd also give us a way to skin items that drop, rather than being crafted.

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LanaMyriad    32

I'll tell you what  I want (what I really really want):

1. Gorge cooking mechanics in normal game.

2. Gorge farming mechanics in normal game.

3. the winter skins for the gingerbread chest and hats to be permanent/buyable.

4. leafy meat to be able to be used in the pot and make recipes "vegan" (yes, with quotes or it is not funny): e.g. "vegan" meatballs.

5. gesture wheel.

6. a fanciful pickaxe and fanciful golden versions for tools.

7. a new puzzle.

First 7 things coming to mind.


PS: I am curious who actually sang that first part while reading it.

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falk_    1

1. New interesting Biomes (New resources, monsters, puzzles, challenges, items and craftables)
2. Improved World Generation (Fixes and tweaks to existing options (I'm looking at less / more spawning stuff all over the place), as well as more options)
3. Game Difficulty settings (higher difficulty = more hunger, less healing, harder recipes, less resources, slower world regeneration, more chaos)
4. New seasonal bosses (And new items!)
5. A game mode that makes each year more difficult to survive than the previous (No more endless survival. How long can you survive in this mode?)
6. Rework on most of the cave biomes. Poeple go to the caves mostly only for the ruins and for light bulbs. And some bunnies and maybe some bosses as well.
7. Fix to existing exploits.

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WilsonP    0

As others have said, I would like more decorations. friendly Merm, I feel bad for killing them. maybe 'NPCs' to interact with, like the Goat/Merm village in The Gorge.

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kakep    0

Woodie should be able to hire a tree, too few players use woodie

According to the East Asian New Year, there are tigers, snakes and horses.

More creatures


Willow also needs some adjustments

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Merveilleux    0
On 06.12.2018 at 1:15 PM, Rhobious_Aran said:

Honestly, I want a hole new world. I hope there is another point to the ancient gateway than hopping to the Forge and the Gorge. 

If we cant have a new world, I at least want some new biomes. I cant take this depressing dark forest anymore. We need some more colourful trees, bushes and turfs. 

More late game structures that arent as much of a chore as their early game counterparts. Like real permanent lamp posts like in Hamlet. The Mush lights are a joke really, given how much of a pain it is to even kill Toadstool, these lamps are so underwhelming. More items, weapons, clothing to craft. Generally I would love the Housing/Shop/Trade system from Hamlet. 

Cooking and Fighting overhaul as in Gorge & Forge. 


totally agree about new biomes and new colorful trees. like pink sugar trees in Gorge event, they were pretty neat and i'd like the see them in normal DST <3


also, i want winter and verdant skins for every character, not half of them. here is my ideas:

verdant wickerbottom: herbalist witch.

verdant wilson: scout boy.

verdant willow: hippie girl.

verdant wendy: 1) young lady in water lily costume (imagine like lureplant dress) and a small lotus flower on her head.
2) a fairy (like tinkerbell) or elven princess with small elven wing hairglip on her head. 

verdant wolfgang: orc theme.

verdant webber: 1) poisonous green themed spider.
2) Tarzan theme with green ivy.


winter maxwell: a grumpy old man who hates new year celebrations or christmas.

winter wigfrid: 1) the snow queen (like Andersen's fairytale).
2) a mythologic goddess related on winter, snow etc in Norse myth. i've read something on google and i guess Skadi is perfect match of this idea.

**winter wes: the steadfast tin soldier costume. (reason is: he never talks in fairytale) // or snowman.

**winter wx 78: snowman. // or wind-up toy tin soldier.

winter woodie: christmas themed chocolate log cake costume.

winter winona: shoveling snow costume. (she is "handywoman" and trying to open roads for others). could be personalize with fur coat and beret).

** = could be used for other character.

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