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  1. I play Wormwood the most, because his downside makes the game more interesting. Warly is also good for this.
  2. Getting distracted every 5 seconds and accomplishing nothing.
  3. Ancient Guardian fight was probably the best, but there are a lot of runner ups.
  4. I like the birds. Other than that, this event feels pretty pointless, unless you like the decorations.
  5. Not being able to build properly during winter because of the snow.
  6. I dislike Wanda, because she is absurdly strong compared to other characters, and for the most part, in a really boring way too (no decisions about weapons or healing).
  7. It's not that unknown, but food on the ground spoils faster. This also applies to oversized crops, which spoil faster on ground, than on the back of the player. Something that is less known, is that you can drop any item that you can carry on your back into the ocean, using the Pinchin' Winch. While this does not prevent the spoilage of oversized crops, it does prevent them from spoiling faster from the extra spoilage rate of being left on the ground, so storing giant crops under water makes them last longer, by a good amount.
  8. Wolfgang's quote for boulder, and Wilson's quote for Wolfgang's ghost.
  9. Wild fires are a bad mechanic, and there is no reason to leave them on.