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  1. If I understand correctly, you have been trying to catch the Klei streams? You don't have to watch their streams to recieve the gift, just watch any other streamer who plays Don't Starve. Be sure to check if it says that gifts are activated when you watch them.
  2. When you play as WX-78 together with a Wickerbottom, freezing is a non-issue. I definitely prefer winter! However, summer became a lot more interesting after the "Against the Grain" update - i love basing in the Oasis.
  3. PvP is fun

    I honestly don't get it. The other thread was a discussion on whether there should be changes to the game regarding PvP. He posted a thread telling us how he enjoyed the game and a story from it. Isn't that what the forum is for? I don't see how this thread is in any way offensive or toxic.
  4. PvP is fun

    In what way was he toxic in this scenario? Or worthy of losing a friend?
  5. Reddit has a yearly April fools prank, and this year we can make a sequence of gifs. Let's make Wilson a part of it! All you need is a reddit user to vote for him. Here's the links:
  6. According to strings.lua, 'The Sty' Oddities Emporium is supposed to have the description "Where else can you get a shriveled head." However, no description is showed in-game. BONUS BUG! There are no character examination strings for 'The Sty' Oddities Emporium.
  7. According to strings.lua, the description is supposed to be "You can't think of everything on your own." As seen on the picture below, the last word is missing because there is not enough room.
  8. hire this guy, Klei!
  9. I can't see how this is a bug. It seems pretty intentional to me.
  10. Yes if you open spider_monkey.lua, you see that the damage is determined by TUNING.MONKEY_MEELE_DAMAGE, and in tuning.lua you can see that that value is 20.
  11. Thats interesring, considering Spider Monkeys only take 20 HP when I open Hamlet and test it for myself.
  12. Out of curiosity, what do you think is the correct Spider Monkey damage?