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  1. i know.. i have sometimes 3 of them on ground making noise.. ive put so much time into my base but 3 birds wandering around my oasis, making noise and basically ruining my glommer experience..
  2. they respawn like every day. its not an option. thats what iam doing, but since i got so many of them around my base .. they are so fast. if iam cooking something fe. they already land and the goop is gone so fast. yes not a bad idea.. but it does not look very nice to have glommer surrounded by traps. he is a peaceful creature.. i usually like to have him around butterflies and roses. xd i had my traps set up for the hounds at the south .. but then there would be a stupid buzzard triggering the traps everyday so i had to reset them. after half a year i gave up and moved my traps to another location where no bird would land. and now i moved my glommer at the end of the map to protect my goop. its sad. i wish you could build like an advanced scarecrow to keep them away.
  3. hello, i hate this birds because i have my base in the oasis and they always come and eat my glommers goop. is there anything i can do so they stop eating the goop? thank you
  4. i have [API] Gem Core Global Pause Classic Giants Health Battle Helm for everyone Display food values Force reed trap set generation (which is weird because on this world it did not force any reed trap or other stuff like that) Global Pause Wormhole Marks as client mods: combined status, minimap hud, instant drop, geometric placement, gesture wheel, maxView, smart crockpot, status announcement
  5. i play alone, so i open all the packs.. now 2 days before summer ended i got the desert ones. finally. it never took me so long.
  6. woow. thats real bad. and its only 5 days left for summer..
  7. hello, i have been fishing for days and i got the fashion goggles recipe (2 times) and the succulent recipe (2x) and one time the beach toy item.. but i cannot get the googles for vision it never took me that long. does someone have the same problem?
  8. hello, will there be exclusive skins for buying griftlands and owning DST? thank you
  9. Hello, last time i was in the ruins there was a place with like 15 worms and beager also did not spawn the after the summer. i've heard antlion was buffed on twitch, is this true? thank you
  10. hello, i have not been playing the new content because of work and time issues.. now i wanna watch some videos about all the new stuff we got (starting when klei reworked the sea).. can you please recommand me some good videos about the new content so i know what everything is possible now in the game? thank you
  11. wormwood is such a good addition.. i can't wait for his skins!
  12. my game still keeps crashing lost ton of XP already.. guess i cannot play the event anymore because this issue is out of any control
  13. on stream it was said changes have been made.. but my game still frequently crashes rip xp
  14. Hey, played the beta without porblems. But since today my game is crashing a lot! Today I had 9 crashes. All in game. With different chars and in different lobbys. The game crashes directly to the desktop as if you hit alt+f4. Some logs attached. Already tried to verify data on steam.