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  1. my game still keeps crashing lost ton of XP already.. guess i cannot play the event anymore because this issue is out of any control
  2. on stream it was said changes have been made.. but my game still frequently crashes rip xp
  3. Hey, played the beta without porblems. But since today my game is crashing a lot! Today I had 9 crashes. All in game. With different chars and in different lobbys. The game crashes directly to the desktop as if you hit alt+f4. Some logs attached. Already tried to verify data on steam.
  4. omg the skins look awesome.. but no tent skin i suppose?
  5. nope.. he bought it for me as a gift when the event started. so he didnt buy it twice. via steam
  6. hi a friend of mine bough the beating heart chest for me as a gift.. and today he started his game and got the same stuff. is it intended that we both get it? really nice klei. <3
  7. hello, after i befriended some dolphines for sanity, one followed me all the time.. i killed the huge tiger shark, suddenly he was on the island and when he tried to swim into the sea.. he was holden back.
  8. i have the same issue.. my dolphines are not coming back
  9. hello, yes i mean the tab doesn't show anyone when you come out of the wormhole at sea. you can see it here: at 2:08:30 around-ish.. once you come out at the other location the health is not showing up. even tho this is an armored boat.. i had a raft.
  10. hello i had sanity ~50 .. and was chopping trees, everytime the nightmare went on the spider nest, the spiders got triggered and came out of their nest at daytime.
  11. hello, i built a raft and travelled through a wormhole on the sea.. and after i got out on the new location, it didnt show me the health of my raft anymore. only the character did say, that iam going to sink soon. i built a new one after that.